Drawing in Schools

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04/07/16 Read our latest newsletter on the importance of creativity in schools here.

"The Big Draw is a superb focus for any school- allowing all subjects areas to appreciate the value of drawing and visual literacy and to support the use of transferable skills and knowledge. Drawing is a language that resonates with all subject areas. Drawing is communication that breaks through barriers. And, it helps us speak when words are not enough". 

Susan Coles (Cultural Educational Consultant, Artist, school governor, former President of NSEAD).

STEM to STEAM in 2016

Join us in 2016 for The STEAM Powered Big Draw Festival! Bringing together Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. STEAM fuses creative innovation, enterprise, digital technologies and the arts.

STEAM also represents our support of the campaign to give the arts parity with other subjects so that STEM becomes STEAM. Read the press release here.

 Learn Through Drawing

The October Big Draw is an annual celebration of the power of drawing, and hundreds of schools across from Brazil to Vietnam now take part.

For children, drawing is a means of understanding the world, how it looks, and how it works. It nurtures creativity, developing their imagination and power of invention. 

Drawing is a transferable skill which can be integrated into the entire curriculum.


The Big Draw 1-31 October 2016

Schools run their own Big Draw events in October, using these or other formats:

  • Great Big Draw: the normal timetable is suspended and a whole day is devoted to drawing
  • Cross-curricular Big Draw features drawing in every lesson
  • After-school or Saturday Big Draw invites parents, governors, teaching and non-teaching staff, carers and friends to take part
  • Books for teachers and parents

power drawing books + the big draw festival welcome pack

Included free when you sign up for the Big Draw Festival 2016, these books explain how to use drawing across every age range and setting are packed with excellent examples, ideas and pictures. Click below to see what is included:

Free resource for teachers

This unrivalled resource for secondary school art, craft and design teachers has seven downloadable PDFs based on case studies by peers who participated in the TEA CPD programme. It aims to give young people (and their teachers) an enhanced experience of drawing. 

There are also examples of the TEA teacher projects on Flickr and Facebook.

Find out more about the Sketchbook Circle - a year-long collaborative project to encourage artist-educators to make time for personal work.

Draw Big for Arts Award

Organising a Big Draw can support young people doing an Arts Award in their progression as artists and arts leaders.

If you’d like to know about becoming an Arts Award centre or supporter, contact the Arts Award team.

The Big Draw Awards

We offer prestigious Big Draw Awards for the most innovative and engaging Big Draws in schools.

The new Primary & Secondary Schools Awards (£750 + £200 GreatArt vouchers) recognises outstanding drawing activities in schools and the NADFAS young Arts Award (£1000) rewards projects led by young people for young people.