Drawing Associates

Meet the Drawing Associates

Tom Jones (west midlands)

In an earlier life, Tom taught drawing to Access, Foundation and undergraduate students in the Faculty of Art & Design at Birmingham City University, but now co-produces creative learning activities with the general public. He recently founded Artscoop Central, a company of artist facilitators, and is active in No 11 Arts, an organisation fronting a unique city-wide network of Local Arts Forums, one in each of the ten districts of Birmingham. 

He encourages people to draw on the basis that if you can play naughts and crosses - you can ‘make marks with meaning’ - a reasonable definition of drawing. For both himself, as someone who constantly draws, and for others, Tom looks on drawing not as an medium for art making but as a special way of understanding more about ourselves and the worlds in which we live.

helen akroyd (east midlands)

Helen is responsible for participatory arts projects, community engagement, gallery development and creative partnerships to make Inspire: Culture Learning and Libraries a vibrant cultural organisation.

Running like a thread throughout her career is the power of drawing as a creative tool to learn and engage with people through active participation and gallery experiences. Working in Arts Development for 13 years and previously in education and as an illustrator Helen currently works for Inspire: Culture, Learning and Libraries, developing the cultural power of arts in library settings for Nottinghamshire. She is also the East Mids. rep for ENGAGE, the national association for Gallery educators and passionately advocate for drawing as Drawing Action Associate, having been involved with the Big Draw for 6 years with a particular interest in empowering non-arts professionals to use drawing to meet their own agendas.

jevan watkins jones (east)

Based in Suffolk the multi-disciplinary work of artist Jevan Watkins Jones is underpinned by drawing and developed through dialogue with others in a relational practice. Broadly, his work is characterised by an interest in the nature of things, singular or ensemble, with sensitivity to different states of being. 

 Recent projects have included Alternative Yellow Book, a work with older people, some with dementia, that weaves together personal memories of plants and gardens in a publication and a short film, Facing-Recovering, a collaborative work with injured soldiers that gave a voice to the man behind the uniform in an exhibition of drawing, photography, film and personal artefacts that toured from Firstsite to the Royal Armouries and the House of Commons. Leading the Line; a collaborative project with artist Lawrence Bradby in which connections between drawing and football were explored in dialogue with Colchester United Football Club.

paul taylor (north west)

With West Walls Studios Paul has won five Drawing Inspiration awards for Big Draw events that were subsequently taken to venues as diverse as Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery, Somerset House and The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. In addition Paul is currently collaborating with Catherine Mummery on a long-distance project that has involved the creation of the Great Dunmow Drawing Embassy, an “unimmergible” forum for community drawing activities. 

Susan M coles (north East)


Susan draws because it helps her make sense of the world and helps her to speak. She founded the North East Art Teacher Educator network and they have been Big Draw Award winners in 2015 and again in 2016. With Baltic, Susan has facilitated numerous events with drawing as the focus, including  the annual Big Draw CPD session. Susan is also involved in Sketchbook Circle, as both participant and facilitator and has run Big Draw sessions in local schools, at Baltic, and in schools as far away as Vietnam and South Korea. Susan is passionate about what she does.

Lucy Ward (south west)

Lucy has been a drawing tutor for many years, working with different institutions, organisations and groups. Lucy has a longstanding involvement in the ‘research and practice’ group, DRAW, who work together to produce innovative and experimental drawing projects and workshops in and around Bristol.

Lucy brings an experimental approach to the Drawing and Print BA at UWE, with an interest in the teaching and learning of drawing as a skill and a process, an autonomous and authoritative practice. 

Lucy is also Studio Manager for Jamaica Street Artist Studios in Bristol, a large independent workspace.

catherine mummery (east)

Catherine loves working with artists to devise and produce amazing arts & drawing projects in non-traditional arts spaces and in community settings. 

Catherine is currently working on numerous projects including The Alternative Yellow Book with fellow Drawing Associate Jevan Watkins Jones and Reflections from a Water Pumping Station with Essex based artist Nabil Ali.
In addition Catherine is also working on a new project with Paul Taylor (another Drawing Associate) developing ideas following the creation of the Drawing Embassy of Great Dunmow.

steven roper (north west)

Steven's background is in Graphic Design and he is constantly looking at ways to develop and challenge his understanding of ‘what is a sketch?’ within the gallery context. Drawing upon his illustrative background in the development of programmes and workshops.

Steven’s personal take on illustration focuses on using digital creative practises within new media to explore how we can express ourselves in the contemporary world.  

Recently, Steven has focused on light writing in the gallery. The Whitworth is situated in Moss Side and surrounded by diverse communities. Within these, many children have English as a second language.  This session helped these children formulate a visual language – using torches as ‘electric paintbrushes’, children made marks and ‘buzzwords’, worked in teams, captured images through digital cameras and uploaded them onto big screens. Pupils have a unique experience in the gallery with learning outcomes linked to symbolism, creative writing and expression.