1. Paint Scraping (with Stencilling) 2. Note to Self 3. Colourful Continuous Line
HND Art and Design Students
New College Lanarkshire
Fri 11 Oct 2-3
Mon 21 Oct 2-3
Our workshop has been designed to show students that art is a valid way of managing every day stresses. We have arranged an hours workshop for a group of college students who are currently studying Mental Health & Nursing. We have organised a number of workshops for them to choose from on the day which we believe will help them gain a better understanding of the self-healing potential of art. We have named these workshops as follows: 1.       Paint Scraping (with Stencilling) 2.       Note to Self 3.       Colourful Continuous Line As the group we will be working with are students, the age of the participants will vary from young students who may have just left school at 16-18 to more mature students aged 21 plus. Regardless of age, we hope the workshop will be fun and engaging and that they consider using the activities in their own lives after they leave the classroom. The first workshop, Paint Scraping/Stencilling is to allow the students to take something conventionally ‘pretty' away with them, as we were of the opinion that they'll be more likely to try it out-with the classroom if they actually like the look of it at the end. Our second workshop, Note to Self is self-explanatory, it could be something as simple as their thoughts and feelings at that moment, something that is bothering them, perhaps a concern about an upcoming test, etc which we then plan to ‘cover' with paint. This has been used as an effective Art Therapy exercise. Our final workshop, Colourful Continuous Line, offers the group the freedom to scribble and flow in a way, without thinking too much about why they are doing it or what it will look like. They will then colour in the gaps where the line has crossed itself and created little abstract shapes. The materials that we plan on using for the event have been kindly donated to us from our sponsors Abacus and Specialist Crafts. They have provided us with ready mixed paints and paintbrushes as well as a range of pens and papers. For this we are really grateful as it has allowed us to keep costs to a minimum as a group and go ahead with our activities without any delays.

This is a free event

Suitable for ages: 16+

Organised by New College Lanarkshire

Mrs Sandra Ord
t: 0300 555 8080
e: sandra.ord@nclan.ac.uk

wheel chair accessible

New College Lanarkshire
50 Southbank Road
G66 1NH
0300 555 8080

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