A-Z of Mindful Drawing Techniques
Marigold the Maker
Part of Still Point Sketching Series #stillpointsketchingchallenge
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A self-paced online drawing course that encourages you to explore and develop an exciting repertoire of new drawing techniques and offers gentle guidance to help you find your still point on the page.  “I love drawing, I just never manage to find the time to do it.” 

Sound familiar? 
The act of drawing, even for just ten minutes, often leaves feeling calmer and more centred, yet most days, taking that first step and picking up a pencil can feel like an impossible feat.  It would be so much easier if someone was there to just tell you to do it, right? 

Which is why I’ve created the A-Z of Mindful Drawing Techniques online course – it’s the helping hand we all need to get us on to the page, the encouraging voice that motivates you to have fun, explore and experiment with new drawing techniques. And you’ll learn more about the benefits of drawing which go far beyond the page – this course will help you develop and maintain a regular drawing practice that nourishes you from the inside out.

The A-Z of Mindful Drawing Techniques online course will help to renew your enthusiasm for drawing, reignite your creativity, inspire and motivate you to get on the page again and find your “still point in the turning world” (TS Eliot).

It’s ideal for:
  • Beginners who have been wanting to learn more about drawing for a while but need some encouragement to take that first step. ·      
  • People who are curious to learn and experience more of the wider benefits that a regular drawing practice can lead to such as improved levels of creative confidence and wellbeing.
  • More experienced drawers wanting to renew their passion for drawing that may have been dormant for a while, wish to expand their skills set and explore new techniques and give themselves permission to play on the page. 

About Marigold:
With over 25 years of self-taught drawing experience; nearly 20 years teaching experience in inner-city London primary schools and a long-held commitment to the development of a nourishing mindfulness practice - you’ll be in safe hands when you choose to learn with me:

Marigold is a creative guide, a conduit between people and their creativity. She takes people on a journey of self-creative-discovery”

“Marigold brings encouragement, facilitation, cheerleading, warmth, community, self-belief, permission to falter without passing judgement, and a focus not just on the products of creativity but on creativity and making as a daily practice, a ‘life well lived’.”

Features and benefits: 
  • A-Z of drawing techniques and mindfulness – 30 individual lessons that offer guidance on developing a drawing practice that not only improves your drawing skills but also nourishes your soul. 
  • Alphabetical but not chronological - allowing you the freedom to work through the 30 lessons systematically or an order that suits you. 
  • Self-paced online course - allowing you to completed the lessons in short, regular bursts, or explore each lesson more deeply and complete the course over a longer period of time. 
  • Unlimited access to all content* - so you can revisit each of the 30 lessons as many times as you need. *for a minimum of 6 months from date of purchase 
  • 4 free bonus lessons – for those who don’t want the learning experience to end! 
  • Materials & Stockist List – so you can be prepared and have an excuse to go shopping for new art materials! 
  • All learning styles considered - each lesson includes a short video demonstration of the drawing technique, an example of the outcome, clear written instructions and a materials list. 
  • Learn at home but not alone – join the international online community of like-minded, creative people - The Still Point Sketchers – a supportive online community offering a safe, friendly and encouraging platform to share your outcomes, ask questions and receive the support and encouragement you need throughout the course and beyond!  
  • Access to free community events – join the annual Still Point Sketching challenge #draweverydayinmay as well as the weekly live Draw Together sessions and receive continued support and encouragement to develop your drawing practice, meet new people and make creative connections around the world. 

£65 or pay 3 monthly instalments of £21.66.
Make the most of the discounted introductory offer – save £20 when you sign up before 1st July 2021!  

And yes, you really can sign up even if you haven’t drawn for decades or your think you’re terrible at drawing.  There’s no pressure to produce or share good drawings just encouragement to explore, experiment, have fun and learn more about how to access that still point that comes when you’re purely focused on the process of drawing and don’t give a hoot about the outcome.

And yes, I know, it’s hard to make an investment in yourself, your creativity and your wellbeing.  Sometimes it helps to break it down: think of it like this – say you do a lesson a day for 30 days - each lesson will cost you less the price of a cup of coffee!  So for this small, daily investment you’ll gain a long term skill and a drawing practice that will nourish you from the inside out, and the benefits of which will go far beyond the page. 

What people say:

“It helped me unblock a creative block that I have had for years, now I can’t wait to get creative!!”

ust what I needed to find the confidence to create and rediscovering the joy of drawing again. I have realised just how much I missed drawing and how much I need it for my wellbeing.”

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Tickets: £65

Suitable for ages: 16+

Organised by Marigold the Maker

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