A Game of Consequences
Wales High School Year 8 Artists
Wales High School
Thu 20 Sep 08:50 - 13:10
A game of consequences that will force our young artists' hands. What will they create? Let the games decide! This year the Big Draw Festival is all about the 'power of play'.  The power of decision-making will be taken out of our students' hands and given to a series of games.  

How much control do we really have over the decisions we make?  When we make art, how much are we influenced by what we've already seen and already know?  How often do we take risks and step into the realm of the unfamiliar?  


Students will play a series of games that will have consequences for the way that they produce a work of art.  Games will include Human Chess, Pick-up Sticks, Dominoes, Rolling the Dice, Tangrams and Dots.  How much control can we keep?  What are the consequences for our actions?

What will triumph?  Logic?  Strategy?  Or chance?

Sessions will be open to Wales High School Year 8 students only.

Suitable for ages: All 12-16

Organised by Wales High School Academy Trust

Mrs Debbie Ferguson
t: 01909771291
e: df@waleshigh.com

D Ferguson

Wales High School
Wales High School
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