Abstract Painting
Karen Morris
Part of New College Lanarkshire Play New College Lanarkshire
Fri 12 Oct
Learn about abstract art and create an abstract painting using tissue paper painting & elastic band resist painting. This fun workshop took place in my local primary school, St Patrick’s Primary School, Coatbridge with 24 primary 3 & 4 kids.  The aim of the workshop was for the participants to learn about abstract art and create an abstract painting by using two non traditional painting techniques:  tissue paper painting and elastic band resist painting.  They were also to come up with a creative name for their painting.    The workshop began with learning what abstract art is.  I showed the children relatable visual examples of both abstract and non abstract paintings which really helped them engage and understand.    I gave each of the children their own “pack” which included a blank canvas, apron, gloves, sponge and paint brush in a brown paper bag.  And they were ready to begin!   I gave a demonstration of the tissue paper painting technique – tissue paper is placed on the canvas and then water is brushed on top which transfers the ink onto the canvas.  I showed the children some examples of paintings I had created beforehand.  This was good for sparking their excitement and motivating them.  They were eager to get started!   After some time tissue paper painting, I then demonstrated elastic band resist painting – placing elastic bands on the canvas in all different places and directions then painting over the top with a sponge and removing the bands to show the resisted lines.  The children were given some time to play with this method.   The workshop ended with a show and tell.  The children took turns to hold up their painting for everyone to see and tell us what they had named it.  Everyone seemed happy to do this and it was very funny hearing all the creative names!  After everyone had shown their canvas, I supplied certificates of authenticity that I had created for their masterpieces.  This was a nice way to end the workshop! 

Suitable for ages: 6-11

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