BAHRAIN TO INDIA: Celebrating NATURE through ART across the miles PHASE-II
Dr. Anamica Bhattacharya, Bahrain
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An event, designed with a series of creative sessions which will explore the artistic connection between India and Bahrain themed around nature, sharing globally. PHASE II
This event mainly focuses on participants from Bahrain, though its to open to all  ages & abilities, designed with various form of Art and Craft along with interesting topics for each age group to discover! 

All the events will be supported by a group of Eminent and budding Artists from Bahrain and India for a fruitful exchange of Art and Culture between the Nation. 

Art coordination - Anil Sharma
Event facilitator - Dr. Sarah Clarke
Organisor - Dr. Anamica Bhattacharya

The art and culture of many civilizations strongly connects to Nature, through the survival stories of life through the ages.  It is important to explore these connections and share them with the upcoming generation inspire them to preserve our natural heritage for the wellbeing of all in the future. Bahrain and India hold a long standing connection, since the Dilmun civilization of Bahrain more than 3000 years ago and the Indus Valley Civilization of India, 5000 years back. 
In this regard, we will try to celebrate 'Nature' through creations of eminent Artists, exploring the natural beauty, natural resources, art, culture and festivals of each Nation. 

Program Outline:
The event is being conducted in three phases, Phase I, II & III.

Phase I
Inaugural week 25th October -1st November. 
Artists from Bahrain and India demonstrated for participants primarily based in India. 

ART Challenge : 1st - 30th November
To celebrate nature through Art, and share creative skills, photographs of artworks (any form) are accepted and shared in our event page in facebook.  

Phase II
1st December - 30th December, 2020 :
A 15 days event which includes workshops and demonstrations from Artists of India and Bahrain, which focuses on participants of Bahrain mainly. 
Phase II includes a series of free virtual sessions for 15 days which consists of various forms of Art workshops, demonstrations, crafts workshops.

Phase III
January-February 2021 : Participants from both the Nations will get the opportunity to interact and exchange their creative thoughts, understanding and knowledge globally.

Possible outcome:
It will enhance the creative skills by providing the participants (children’s especially) with opportunities to learn, explore, express and share their green thinking, to create a platform of positive exchange of knowledge, creativity, information and an understanding about ‘Nature’ with an worldwide audience to follow on globally. 

Share your creative skills that better connects us with the natural world in our busy and hectic modern lives and leave us with a strong message which provokes the green thinking in all of us to lead our future.

How to Join?
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Free to Join one or all - it’s your choice!
All are welcome to celebrate NATURE through ART and co create a better tommorow!

Bahrain to India: Celebrating NATURE through ART across the miles - Phase I

This is a free event

Suitable for ages: All 0-5 6-11 12-16 16+

Organised by Dr. Anamica Bhattacharya

Dr Anamica Bhattacharya
t: +973 34136058

Anil Sharma, Artist, Bahrain
Mohammed Taha, Artist, Bahrain

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