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Fri 29 Oct
A huge mural of work from early years through to IB showing the reuse culture of Kenya and our international values as a school. Being an international school, we are able to demonstrate the wonderful diverse cohort we have, and the ways in which we as a school contribute to our local community too, through CAS projects amongst other things.
Our submission encompasses the Braeburn International ethos with our community values, and we've created a piece which reflects the way Kenyan people reuse everything.  Making a landscape out of discarded items and illustrating the way Braeburn Garden Estate school has individual students who demonstrate their own kindness in whatever way they feel suits them.  This also allows us to digitally show our wonderful work to the parents, families and local community, as Covid has affected the way in which we are able to bring people together as a family previously.

Recently we celebrated Cultural Day, and all our KS3 students drew themselves with a flag of their country and a comment about how they have been kind this year or what kindness means to them.  Primary students drew around their hands and coloured them in their national colours and wrote about kindness in their first language.  Nursery drew their faces and made flowers out of junk modelling.   During lessons students responded to the local environment creating textural landscapes, portrait drawings and some even got to work with local artists.  Upcycling club constructed melted landscapes heating plastics as a response to the way plastic is banned in Kenya, yet we see people burning plastics at the side of the road; polluting our environment.  They began their work with kindness rocks, and then moved onto constructing a crocodile out of plastic bottles.  
More animals were created from old chicken wire and newspapers, and the students used old fabric bags to paint African patterns on which we covered our giraffe with.  Our elephant was constructed in the same way, and this was covered in the orange soil which is specific to Kenya.  
Our IB students partake in the CAS programme which allows them to devote time and help to the local community.  Students have created gardens, food projects, trips for Orphans and fundraising for many more charities.
Our media club is currently making a film of the making of the work and the student's thoughts about what they've created.  Students at Braeburn Garden Estate are a wonderful group of individuals, and this work is a credit to them all.

media club filming our entry

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