Muerte en Cartelera/BIG DRAW Irapuato MX with Club Rotario Irapuato Internacional with CREA (Centro Regional de Expresión Artística)
Part of Muerte en cartelera/BIGDRAW IRAPUATO MX CREA (Centro Regional de Expresión Artística)
Fri 21 Feb 15:00 - 19:00 hrs
BUEN INICIO FEB 2020 (GOODSTART FEBRUARY 2020) To start the decade and the year drawing.

We will have life drawing, and activities related with the lunar calendar and  Chinese Horoscope zodiac.

Join us and start the year creating.

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Suitable for ages: All 16+

Organised by Big Draw Irapuato MX

Mr Sergio Urbina
t: 462 624 6384
e: bdirs.mx@gmail.com

Family Friendly Facilities: Is  a place open to everyone, has a parking lot, a lift, restaurant, coffee shop, bookstore, forum and gallery.
It is located in one of the main entrances of the town, and in one of the main avenues.

CREA (Centro Regional de Expresión Artística)
Av. Guerrero 2955, Col. Las Plazas Irapuato
462 624 6384

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