Big Draw 2022 @ IGGS
Ipswich Girls Grammar School, Senior School Breezeway
Mon 23 May 12:30 to 1pm
Tue 24 May 12:30 to 1pm
Wed 25 May 12:30 to 1pm
Thu 26 May 12:30 to 1pm
Fri 27 May 12:30 to 1pm
Activity available to students to celebrate International Arts Education Week. School-based event for senior school students enrolled at Ipswich Girls Grammar School. Interested students will participate in the even during lunchtimes in Week 6 of Term 2.

This is a free event

Suitable for ages: 12-16 16+

Organised by Ipswich Girls' Grammar School

Mrs Carla Kalweit
t: +61734544447

Family Friendly Facilities: Suitable for students during school day at onsite school venue used by students during regular lunchtime. No outside persons will be invited to participate.
On ground floor.

Ipswich Girls Grammar School, Senior School Breezeway
82 Chermside Road
East Ipswich
+617 3454 4447

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