Breathe Better Today to Keep Doctor Away
Sunnyvale Art Club
Wed 16 Jun 6.30pm
Wed 23 Jun 6.30pm
Promoting Pranayama as a everyday habit to keep the doctor away Took 2 proven studies on Yogic Humming and Bellows breath and its effects. Study No 1: Bhramari Pranayama
The ATS journal, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, has published a research that says "Yogic Humming Greatly Increases Nasal Nitric Oxide" (Weitzberg, Lundberg Am J Respir Crit Care Med). Results show: "Humming (low pitch Bhramari) caused a 15-fold increase (range, 8–21) in nasal Nitric Oxide compared with quiet exhalation".
Nitric oxide (NO-a vasodilator) produced in the paranasal sinuses, decreases blood pressure and improves blood flow to the organs, causes anti-inflammatory action in the arteries, boosts immune defense, and aids in the destruction of viruses and parasitic organisms. The only organ that helps us breathe efficiently is our nose. When we breathe through our mouths it can lead to chronic hyperventilation, reduced blood circulation, lowering of carbon dioxide levels, and vasoconstriction of our airways.

Study No 2: Bhastrika Pranayama
The practice of bhastrika pranayama can recruit normally unventilated lung spaces and help strengthen the respiratory muscles and increase the elastic properties of lungs and chest, thereby improving its ventilatory functions.
YBG practiced bhastrika pranayama for 15 min, whereas PEG practiced running for 15 min, 6 days in a week, over a period of 1 month. The YBG had significant increase in (i) forced vital capacity (FVC), (ii) forced expiratory volume in the first second (FEV1), (iii) peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR), and (iv) maximum voluntary ventilation (MVV) functions of lungs. These findings demonstrate that incorporating pranayama can enhance the efficiency of healthy individuals by enhancing the ventilatory functions of lungs, especially for those who partake in aerobic-based sports and require efficient lungs to deliver sufficient oxygen uptake.

We did 2 online events (kids friendly) to teach the practice and explain the importance of such practice to be followed daily. They paint their experience on the importance of Panayama (Yogic Technique of Breathing). All the submissions are done with #BreatheBetterToday2KeepDoctorAway

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