Creativity Week 2018: Lets draw!
Alison Kusner/ Wallace Collection
Ambler Primary School
Mon 04 Jun
Tue 05 Jun
Wed 06 Jun
Thu 07 Jun
Fri 08 Jun
All the children at Ambler Primary School will spend Creativity Week exploring various drawing techniques and mediums During Creativity Week all the children at Ambler Primary School will leave other subjects aside and will focus on drawing!

We will work in partnership with the Wallace Collection to get the whole school drawing. The idea for the week is a) for children to explore various drawing techniques and mediums based on the artwork of the Wallace Collection and b) for teachers to put the skills they learned at a recently attended teacher training session at the Wallace Collection into practice and run a different drawing session every afternoon. By making teachers a central part we aim to use this drawing week to provide training and practice for teachers so that they can embed drawing in their teacher beyond creativity week. 

Alison Kusner from the Wallace Collection will kick start the week with a whole school assembly focused on drawing. Alison will run a workshop for each class with a different theme for each year group. Themes will be: portraits, landscapes, still life, and classical myths and will be based on artworks from the Wallace Collection. Each class teacher will then take over and, using resources developed by Alison, will continue to explore their theme using various drawing techniques and mediums. 

In addition, Years 5 and 6 will explore graffiti art. They will spend time drawing, developing a design for a graffiti that they will spray paint on the walls of the school's football cage.

This is a free event

Suitable for ages: 6-11

Organised by Ambler Primary School

Miss Victoria Highfield
t: 020 7226 4708

Family Friendly Facilities: Venue is a family friendly facility

Ambler Primary School
Blackstock Road
N4 2DR
020 7226 4708

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