Earlsfield Draws for Joy!
Earlsfield Prmary School
Mon 15 Oct 9 - 3
Tue 16 Oct 9 - 3
Wed 17 Oct 9 - 3
A three day Drawing event - engaging teachers and children with drawing and creative activities. The overall idea is:
  • To promo drawing as a tool across the curriculum
  • To show ways that drawing is used in many contexts (not just in art) e.g. diffferent 
  • To hold drawing activities around the given theme of 'Play'
  • To increase creativity and encourage the mindset that being brave and 'mistakes' can lead to good things!
  • To raise profile of creativity in the school 
 Interspersed across the three days:
  • Outside artists to visit school and run drawing workshops
  • Talks by professionals from different fields to talk about how they use drawing/creativity in their work e.g. scientists/architects/Illustrators
  • A 'Drop Everything and Draw' time - after break get sketchbooks and doodle for 5 mins.  
  • Invite parents in for collaborative drawing events with children
  • Student takeover - a few children from each class lead a drawing activity for their class
  • Drawing materials are incorporated into the playground so there is the option for children to be creative/draw at playtime
  • Teachers choose one lesson to teach without slideshows/IWB  - they must use drawing
  • Teachers to incorporate drawing into their topic/core subjects that week
  • Older children lead teaching drawing in other classes

This is a free event


Suitable for ages: All 0-5 6-11 16+

Organised by Earlsfield Primary School

Miss Emily Gopaul
t: 079********
e: emgopaul@gmail.com

Earlsfield Prmary School
Tranmere Rd
SW18 3QQ

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