Drawing Portraits from Photographs
RA Friedman
Part of Tsirkus Fotografika/Cerulean Arts, Philadelphia Studio of RA Friedman via Zoom
Sat 12 Feb 9-11:30 EST
Sun 13 Feb 0-11:30 EST
Learn to create lively portrait drawings using photographs as inspiration and visual source in this live Zoom workshop. Starting with basic planes and volumes, you’ll build a strong three-dimensional foundation using line and light and shade. You’ll learn about the major structures of the head, the features of the face, and how to relate them to create a lively human presence. Tips and hacks to make the process go more smoothly will also be discussed. Drawing experience is helpful, but not required. This two morning weekend workshop will take you from the basics of creating organic volumes through creating a finished drawing. You'll learn about basic structures of the head and face, proportions and how to simplify form. The class will also look at the action of light and creating values of light to dark for strong form.

RA will draw with the class. There will be a dual feed over Zoom so you can see his work in progress.

Please note, this is Eastern Standard Time, USA.

This workshop is sponsored by Tsirkus Fotografika, a 501c3 non-profit project of Fractured Atlas, NYC.

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Tickets: $25

Suitable for ages: All

Organised by Tsirkus Fotografika, a 501 c3 sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, NYC

Mr RA Friedman
t: 267 240 3527
e: rfried16@pratt.edu

RA Friedman

Studio of RA Friedman via Zoom
2234 Pemberton Street

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