Exploring Drawing Through Senses and Surfaces
Eliyah Qureshi
Ken Aston Square
Sat 23 Sep
Join us for a FREE drawing event that encourages participants to explore drawing using various senses and surfaces, from small sticky notes to large cloth, drawing inspiration from famous artists. Guided by the talented artist Eliyah Qureshi and her team, attendees will unleash their creativity through a playful approach. Don't miss this opportunity to let your imagination run wild! Join Barkingside Art Club to celebrate our outdoor art performance at Ken Aston Square! 🎨
🌟 Theme: Exploring Drawing Through Senses and Surfaces
Get ready to unleash your creativity as we explore the world of art through different senses and surfaces. In this unique workshop, we'll use various-sized surfaces, from tiny sticky notes to large cloth, to create stunning drawings inspired by famous artists.
🎨 Let your senses guide you as you draw and discover new ways to connect with your inner artist. Our talented artist, Eliyah Qureshi, and her team will be your guides on this creative journey.
πŸ“… Date: September 23rdπŸ“ Location: Ken Aston Square
But that's not all! Our outdoor art event features spectacular performances by international touring contemporary circus artist Blaze and the touring circus chef/clown Fatina. Enjoy plate spinning, food juggling, and fire blazing!
πŸ€Ήβ€β™€οΈ "Do What Your Mama Told Ya!" - A 2019 commission supported by Articulture, the Arts Council of Wales, and the National Lottery.
🌈 For those who believe creativity knows no limits, join us at "Spectrum Studio" – a haven for the neurodiverse community and a welcoming place for all. Step into a vibrant realm where inclusivity meets imagination, and top-tier visual art workshops ignite the passions of children and young people.
🎨 Embrace the full spectrum of imagination as we unveil our projects and initiatives for SEND children and youth. The Hainault room will transform into Spectrum Studio, offering a sanctuary for creative expression and a balcony vantage for performances.
🌟 Join us in celebrating artistry in all its forms and let your imagination take flight without bounds.
🌟 The 2023 Big Draw Festival theme, #DrawingwithSenses, invites you to explore your senses and internalize your experiences through art. Discover the power of touch, sight, sound, taste, and smell as you create unique and sensory-rich drawings in 2023.
🌟 In a world filled with external forces, this theme reminds us to focus on the present moment, on our senses, and on the positive aspects of life.
🌟 Explore not only the physical senses but also the subtle senses and the interplay between them. Experience the world through your senses, both familiar and less known, and use them to create meaningful drawings. It's all about "Drawing with Senses."
Join us on September 23rd at Ken Aston Square and let your creativity soar! 🌟🎨✨ #BarkingsideArtClub #DrawingWorkshop #SpectrumStudio #ArtWithSenses #KenAstonSquare #CreativeJourney

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This is a free event

Suitable for ages: All

Organised by Barkingside Art Club

Mrs Eliyah Qureshi
t: 07889829218
e: studio@barkingsideartclub.com

Collaborating organisations
Vision Redbridge Culture & Leisure

Ken Aston Square
140 high street ilford
ig6 2ea

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