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Mon 20 Nov 6pm - 9pm
Join June-Elleni to create your life goals in this live stream workshop, using the Ancient Egyptian Secret of drawing out the future! Numerous students have already experienced remarkable success by utilising 'The Writing's On The Wall' secret technique to set and achieve their goals. In this workshop you too can learn to embrace this approach and enjoy it with a lighthearted attitude. The magic lies in maintaining a light heart, just as the Egyptians recognised long ago!

According to the image in the header, the story conveys a powerful message: the deceased must patiently await judgment, their heart weighed on scales balanced by a feather. If the heart proves lighter than the feather, the individual can successfully transition into the afterlife.

However, if the heart is heavier, they face being consumed by a demoness.This message underscores the importance of maintaining a lighthearted disposition.

By embracing a joyful attitude, we can navigate life's challenges and increase the likelihood of positive outcomes. So, let us remember the wisdom imparted by these glyphs and approach our journey with a light heart!
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Tickets: £55 (Early bird discount code £5 available until end Oct)

Suitable for ages: 12-16 16+

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