Free, Online Mini-Course: The 6 Stages of a Realistic Drawing
Marina Fridman
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Want to learn how to create stunning, realistic drawings? Get started with this free, online Mini-Course! Did you know that there are stages that every drawing must evolve through to look convincingly realistic?

Each stage presents unique challenges, and requires a certain ‘mode of seeing’, area of knowledge and set of skills.

Knowing what stage of drawing you're in helps you:
  • move through the drawing process more easily and efficiently
  • determine what to do next when you are stuck, acting as a guide that you can reference, and
  • problem solve when your drawing is looking ‘off’, acting as a checklist to determine what step you have missed

Best of all, you can apply these stages to any drawing or subject matter!

This means that if you have the knowledge and skills associated with each drawing stage, you will be able to draw anything! (Isn’t that great?!)

I have created the free '6 Stages of a Realistic Drawing' Mini-Course
to introduce you to these crucial phases, guide you through the main priorities associated with each stage, and demystify the path to creating a stunning, realistic drawing.

Happy Drawing!

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Ms Marina Fridman
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