Mindful Drawing Course
Marigold the Maker
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Tue 22 Sep 6pm
Tue 29 Sep 6pm
Tue 06 Oct 6pm
Tue 13 Oct 6pm
Tue 20 Oct 6pm
Tue 27 Oct 6pm
6 X 45 minute online mindful drawing sessions - perfect for people who are looking for a creative wellbeing practice they can develop in the comfort of their own home. In these sessions, participants will be introduced to the power and benefit of mindful drawing. Mindfulness is all about observation, and so is drawing. Both require you to slow down and pay close attention to what’s in front of you. Drawing is a great way to practice mindfulness because it allows you to be focused in the present moment.

The sessions will not only calm the mind but inspire those who think they can't draw!
 Mindful drawing helps to release the judgement and harsh criticism that keeps people feeling stuck. ​

How does it work?
A Zoom link will be provided and participants simply join the guided session from the comfort of their own home.  

What materials will participants need?
Simple materials such as paper and pencil and access to Zoom is all that is required.​

How much does it cost?
6 x 45 minute sessions cost £90 in total.​

When does it start?
Tuesday 22nd September 6pm UK time.​

When are the sessions?
Every Tuesday from 22nd September to October 27th from 6pm - 6.45pm UK time.​

How many people can join?
Up to 20 people per session. The sessions will be recorded and available for playback for anyone who missed the session. ​

Do the participants have to be good at drawing to join or receive the benefits?
No previous drawing skills are necessary and anyone can benefit regardless of their level of drawing ability.​

What are the benefits of mindful drawing?
  • Drawing and mindfulness both involve giving full attention to the present moment.  Observational drawing is a direct and simple route to the present moment. 
  • When participants are guided through simple drawing activities, helping them to give their full attention to the process of observational drawing,  stress levels decrease as their mind becomes focused on the present moment and thoughts about the past and future start to fade.  
  • Scientifically, drawing helps people to access the creative and visual parts of their brain which are the non-verbal, spacial parts and when these parts of the brain are in use participants experience feelings of peace, happiness and wellbeing.​​​
  • Mindful drawing quietens the inner critic and slows down racing thoughts.

£90 for six 45 minute sessions

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Tickets: £15.00 per session

Suitable for ages: All

Organised by Marigold the Maker

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