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Sun 31 Oct 4pm
Recycle, reuse, repurpose: Rethink image making and drawing. (Change the way you think about drawing). How: 
  • Register with the University of Lincoln. 
  • Make a camera obscura. 
  • Photograph the images you see in your Camera Obscura on your phone or camera. (What do you photograph? Well that’s up to you…Starting points could be Portraiture, Nature, Landscape, ‘My Town’ or Still Life). 
  • Print the images. 
  • Make drawings from the image. 
  • Email your 2 best drawings and 2 best photographs to Brian Voce (
  • Tell us why you chose them. 
  Details:  ‘I shut my eyes in order to see.’ Paul Gauguin

Be part of our Fun Big Draw 21 Challenge!   Deciding on what’s important and what’s not is an essential part of the creative process. The ‘filter’ of the creative ‘eye’ is important and sometimes we see too much. Art and design is often as much about the skill of what you choose to leave out as what you choose to include.  This challenge creates the ‘filter’ for you and tasks you to explore experimental image making through photography and drawing.  There are two Categories.  Category 1. Primary.   Category 2. Secondary Schools and Colleges.  All submissions will be featured on the School of Design’s website. Selected work from each school will be printed and exhibited at the University Every entrant will receive a certificate from the University. Prizes (Art Materials) will be awarded for 1st 2nd and 3rd winners in each category. Trophies will be awarded to the winners of each category and their school.  Contacts: Register your school/college interest with……………. Further information from Brian Voce, (  Materials: For the Camera Obscura. Pringles tube or similar. Good quality tracing paper (preferably) or greaseproof paper, (to make the screen). Pin (to make the hole). Matt black paper or card for lining the Pringles tube. Craft knife. Silver foil. Masking tape, sellotape or gaffa tape. Blackout fabric or light proof cloth to make a ‘hood’  Mobile phone or camera with macro setting. Printer.  Drawing Materials. 

This is a free event

Suitable for ages: All

Organised by University of Lincoln

Mr Stewart Bibby

Family Friendly Facilities: Refreshments available. Toilet facilities on all floors.
Lifts to all floors.

University of Lincoln
Brayford Pool

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