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Draw or paint an image on the theme of Climate of Change and share your vision of how a greener future might look. Anyone in South Northants is invited to create and share pictures inspired by the theme 'A Climate of Change', with a few words to express your thoughts about how you see or feel things are around you and how they might be changed for the better, or your vision for the future, either locally or globally.
You can create any kind of picture using something that you can draw or paint with – pencils, pens, crayons, pastels, charcoal, paints, nail varnish… whatever you have to hand.
The ideal size is a postcard or anything up to A5. There are some suggestions for getting started on our website and social media and some links you can look at for thinking about a green future for our generations and the next.
We would like to collect and share your contributions in two ways: postcards displayed on the front windows at The Forum in Towcester and online, where anyone can see everyone else’s. The collected items will be lent to the Chairman and members of South Northamptonshire Council, for them to see your comments and your creative responses to this theme.
Here's what to do with your picture and words:         
  • Anything on paper can be posted to or put in the Council’s letterbox at The Forum, Moat Lane, Towcester NN12 6AD at any time up to Sunday 15 November. If you use a double-sided postcard or piece of paper, your ‘vision for a green future’ words can be on the back of the picture, with your name (unless you wish to be anonymous), age if under 19 and town/village or school location. Only those with a stamped addressed envelope will be returned.
  • Scan or photograph your picture and submit it on Padlet: with your ‘vision for a green future’ words, your name, age if under 19 and town/village or school location,
  • OR email your picture, words and details to . We will upload them to the Padlet sharing platform unless you tell us you not to. Just indicate if you don’t want your name and location recorded publicly.
You don’t need to look far for inspiration. A walk in a woodland, along a river, up a hill or across fields will provide plenty of things to draw, as well as plants, animals and insects in gardens, or just look up at the sky to see sun, clouds, birds, stars – nature is all around us. Taking time to appreciate it and capture something about what we see is worth doing. This isn’t about producing artwork to be judged or sold, just enjoy having a go and please encourage children to take part.

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This is a free event

Suitable for ages: All

Organised by South Northamptonshire Council

Ms Sue Carverhill
t: 01327 322334 or 322292 (Felicity Parker)

Family Friendly Facilities: Online
Disabled parking bays at front of The Forum. Letterbox for submission of drawings is easy to access on foot. The offices and public facilities are not open until further notice.
Sue Carverhill

South Northamptonshire
South Northamptonshire Council
The Forum
Moat Lane
NN12 6AD
01327 322334 / 322292

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