Silent Film Workshop
Rebecca Rezakhani-Hilton
St Marys Calne
Mon 11 Oct
‘Silent Film Workshop’ – This event is twofold; the first half of the workshop is to introduce the attendees to interesting uses of silence in filmmaking, art and music. The second part gives the attendees an opportunity to shoot a 1 minute film on their phones, drawing upon the techniques shown in the presentation. In this workshop we will focus on creating 1 minute silent films using the camera on our phones to capture the work. In the first part of the session, we will discover how silence has interlocked with filmmaking, art and music. This will help to inspire the second part of the session where you will have the chance to create your films. Silence is one of the most powerful tools in filmmaking. It can create suspense, humour or mystery within a story. A moment of silence can also cause the audience watching the film to think about themselves, or their own experiences. Filmmaking or video art is a growing medium of choice for many artists. However it can be scary to know where to begin. Most people now own a mobile phone which can record our environments. Films don’t have to be shot on complex and expensive cameras, what with most people now owning a phone with a good camera, you can begin to create exciting and dynamic films. By the end of this workshop, we will discover how silence can play a role within art and film to create exciting, bizarre or extraordinary moments.

This is a free event

Suitable for ages: All

Organised by St Marys Calne

Mrs Kimberley Appleyard Pallot
t: 01249 857200

Rebecca Rekakhani- Hilton

St Marys Calne
63 Curzon Street
01249 857200

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