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A month of drawing with a "Climate of Change" theme! The Big Green Drawing Challenge - 31 days of climate change themed drawing from the 1st-31st October 2020!​

Doors closing soon! Sign up before 12 noon on Tuesday 29th Sept 2020 to secure your place!

Making time for drawing is hard when faced with the demands of daily life. We crave more time for creativity in this fast paced world because it brings joy and moment stillness. And then there's the huge issue of climate change that we're all facing and we want to "do our bit" for the environment but changing habits isn't easy. 

One thing is clear - we can't make the changes to our lifestyles that are necessary not only to improve our sense of wellbeing and levels of creativity but also to curb the destruction of the planet, alone.

This challenge is for people who want to draw more, not only improve their drawing skills but to deepen their relationship with themselves and with nature through drawing daily but know that they need the accountability and motivation that comes with taking part in a challenge and being part of a group of people striving for the same goal in order to do so.​

This challenge is part of The Big Green Draw - Climate of Change - celebrating the 20th anniversary of The Big Draw Festival.

Challenge Features and Benefits:​
  • Daily Emails from Marigold packed full of encouragement, guidance and support so you feel motivated to get on the page and stay on the page throughout October
  • Weekly Live Drawing Events with advice and drawing tuition to help your ability to see and draw
  • Printable Challenge Welcome Pack guiding you through a creative process to help design a challenge that suits your individual needs and interests.
  • Discount Codes for the two live online ticketed events - "Mono Printing Masterclass" and "Make Your Own Ink"
  • Thriving Online Community of like-minded people cheering each other on through the ups and downs of the challenge 
  • Learn and be inspired - pick up and share drawing and sustainable living tips
  • Make Time To Draw Daily connect with yourself and the environment
  • Learn Lasting Techniques to help you embed healthy routines and habits that nourish yourself and the environment.
​Cost: £35.00
Doors close: 12 noon on Tuesday 29th September 2020

What people say:

"I would recommend this challenge for anybody! I have become confident and more relaxed with drawing and painting and have finally become the artist I've always wanted to be, making sketches everyday from beautiful intriguing things I see and then using them in my paintings and designs." Julia Bevan

“The drawing challenge and the guidance from Marigold gave me something to look forward to everyday. It allowed me to improve my drawing skills and to see it as a craft that you have to work on. The community aspect of the challenge is so inspiring and I tried so many things thanks to that. Highly recommend!” Floriane-Marielle Job

“The drawing challenge helped me get back into drawing and I got inspired by other people's work to use different media and styles. It's a friendly and supportive community that gives me the confidence to try new things and share work. Thank you Marigold for organising it and keeping us going!” 
 Emmy Pham

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Tickets: £35.00

Suitable for ages: All

Organised by Marigold the Maker

Ms Marigold the Maker
t: 000

Family Friendly Facilities: An online event using social platforms:
  • The Big Green Drawing Challenge private Facebook group
  • Instagram live @marigoldthemaker
  • Facebook live in the private challenge group
  • Instagram hashtags #thebiggreendrawingchallenge

The Big Green Drawing Challenge
The Big Green Drawing Challenge private Facebook group
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