Talk: Drawing and the Found Object
Alastair Levy
Part of Guest Series Eye to Pencil Studio
Tue 15 Nov 6.30-8pm
In this talk Alastair Levy will explore the role of drawing within a multidisciplinary practice that also incorporates video, photography, painting and sculpture. TALK DESCRIPTION
The impulse to collect and work with found objects links these diverse approaches to image-making. Alastair will examine how drawing connects with this drive to archive the everyday. He will discuss how drawing can be both a form of ‘exercise’ in its own right, seeking no preconceived outcome, as well as a means to realising more structured, finished artworks. What is the relationship between these two very different kinds of activity and how do they inform each other?

Guest Series Format: We will be joined by guests from different fields: art, ethnobotany, anatomy, and photography each of whom is committed to drawing. The format for the Guest Series will be for each guest to give a talk about how drawing relates to their own work and field, then at a later date they will lead a day long drawing workshop based on their practice.
Tuesday, 15 November6.30-8pm 
Tickets are £10. Note: STUDENT/UNWAGED discount of 33%. Use the code: student-33 at checkout  
Alastair Levy is a multidisciplinary artist, who studied photography at the Royal College of Art. His work spans different media with photography at the core yet returns to drawing periodically as a part of his practice. He is also a leading portrait photographer commissioned by art publications, artists and cultural figures.

WHO Anyone who is interested in drawing or who draws but would like to try out new materials and techniques centred on drawing.

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Tickets: £10

Suitable for ages: 16+

Organised by Eye to Pencil

Mrs Luci Eyers
t: 07880790905

The studio is on the 1st Floor and only accessible via stairs.
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