Talk: Molly Martin - Seeing With Sketchbooks
Eye to Pencil with Molly Martin
Eye to Pencil Studio
Tue 21 Sep 18:30-20:00
Working as an illustrator, and artist, Molly Martin draws constantly in sketchbooks. Drawn to capture the beautifully ordinary moments of life TALK DESCRIPTION
To look back at a sketchbook is like looking at an old diary. They are a window into the artist’s mind. Sketchbooks are a place to make mistakes and take notes and ask questions. They are also records of time - as usually you keep to one sketchbook for a few months and then move on to the next sketchbook with a new stage of life. You can use sketchbooks for a single project which feels succinct, or they can be places to explore new materials and explore cities! 

In this talk Molly will look into the fascinating world of sketchbooks - examining some of the greatest historical examples throughout human history, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh and Charles Darwin. While providing her own sketchbooks as well as other examples to look at, Molly will discuss the important role sketchbooks provide us with, as a bridge towards a final piece of work as well as places to record time.

This talk will suit architects, designers, engineers, artists, and students and professionals from the creative industries who would like to improve their drawing skills and their understanding of the potential drawing has as a medium.

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Tickets: £10

Suitable for ages: 16+

Organised by Eye to Pencil

Mrs Luci Eyers
t: 07880790905

The studio is on the 1st Floor and only accessible via stairs.

Eye to Pencil Studio
26 Exmouth Market

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