Talk: Rebecca Jewell & Sandy Ross Sykes - Drawing Inspiration from Natural History
Eye to Pencil with Rebecca Jewell & Sandy Ross Sykes
Eye to Pencil Studio
Tue 02 Nov 6.30-8pm
Both artists work with found and preserved flora and fauna, using a variety of drawn, painted and printed materials. They often take the approach of drawing from a ‘nature table' using their exceptional collection of specimens from nature. TALK DESCRIPTION
Rebecca and Sandy will give an illustrated talk, in turn describing their own development and use of drawing in their art practice. Whilst at the RCA Rebecca made detailed drawings of feather artefacts and bird specimens, but in recent years she has perfected a technique for printing images onto feathers and these she makes into artefacts – headdresses, capes and mixed-media installations. Jewell’s most recent work aims to highlight the problem of illegal hunting of millions of birds in the Mediterranean, and the threat of extinction to many bird species due to climate change and the depletion of habitats.
Sandy started her art career as a sculptor and believes that the making of wire armatures proved to be fundamental to the development of her drawing skills. As an artist she looks for the underlying structure or drawing on which a Work of Art 'hangs’. Sandy will show examples of her work which demonstrate how drawing is central to its formation. Both artists will also discuss their involvement with conservation which links directly to the Creating a Nature Tableau workshop they will be holding on Wednesday 17th November.

WHOThis talk will suit architects, designers, engineers, artists, and students and professionals from the creative industries who would like to improve their drawing skills and their understanding of the potential drawing has as a medium.

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Tickets: £10

Suitable for ages: 16+

Organised by Eye to Pencil

Mrs Luci Eyers
t: 07880790905

The studio is on the 1st Floor and only accessible via stairs.

Eye to Pencil Studio
26 Exmouth Market

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