Talk: The Self and The World
Timothy Hyman
Part of Guest Series Eye to Pencil Studio
Tue 01 Nov 6.30-8pm
In Timothy Hyman's talk he will explain his principal reason for going out drawing is to renew the sense of space, of being-in-the-world. TALK DESCRIPTION
Timothy commented that “If I stop drawing for several weeks, I find that in the studio my spatial invention goes dead and my art becomes schematic. When we first find ourselves drawing in the crowded street we are likely to feel a loss of control; everything is in flux, space no longer measurable”. As Maurice Merleau-Ponty puts it: ‘The world is not in front of us, it is all around us’. You have to take many leaps in the dark; to trust your perceptions, however surprising. Bonnard’s definition of art as ‘The transcription of the adventures of the optic nerve’ may be helpful. We may need to make ‘signs’ – what Kirchner called ‘Hieroglyphics’: marks made at speed that form an autonomous language, compressing complex content. In Rembrandt’s ‘sketches’ a few chalk or reed pen lines create in one minute a poetic image. (The Latin derivation of ‘sketch’ is ‘a poetic improvisation’). We go out into the everyday alert to those moments of sudden seeing that detach themselves from the flow of ordinary living - and we have to find a visual language equivalent to that excitement.

Guest Series Format: We will be joined by guests from different fields: art, ethnobotany, anatomy, and photography each of whom is committed to drawing. The format for the Guest Series will be for each guest to give a talk about how drawing relates to their own work and field, then at a later date they will lead a day long drawing workshop based on their practice.

Tuesday, 1 November

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Timothy Hyman trained as a painter at the Slade; as well as ten London solo shows, he has exhibited widely,  and was elected a Royal Academician in 2011. He is an experienced teacher both as a painting mentor and advocate of drawing on location around the streets of London. His curation and writing is highly influential. Publications include The World New Made: Figurative Painting in the Twentieth Century, a monograph on Bhupen Khakhar, as well as both Bonnard and Sienese Painting in the World of Art series.
 WHO Anyone who is interested in drawing or who draws but would like to try out new materials and techniques centred on drawing.

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Tickets: £10

Suitable for ages: 16+

Organised by Eye to Pencil

Mrs Luci Eyers
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