The Big Draw Festival Nijmegen Launch 2019!
Part of The Big Draw Festival 2019 Huis van de Nijmeegse Geschiedenis
Thu 05 Sep 14:30 - 18:00
The launch of The Big Draw Festival in Nijmegen! Big Draw Nijmegen is back! 

From 5 to 8 September, Nijmegen will be a true drawing paradise. Artists, residents and visitors together look, listen, draw, create and explore this year's theme: freedom and well-being.  After the successful editions of previous years, there will also be projects this year at various places in the city during The Big Draw Nijmegen, in which various artists and organisations participate. 
Projects you can watch, listen to or work on yourself. Schools, venues, companies and retailers all do their bit to make the drawing party a success again. 

Official opening Thursday 5 September at half past two we officially open our drawing festival in The House of Nijmegen History. This year mayor Bruls opens our festival in the exhibition 'Bivak Nijmegen 44-45', 'Dugout of the allied forces'. Because we celebrate freedom together, we have a joint opening with the exhibition 'Bivak Nijmegen 44-45'. For this exhibition, The Big Draw Nijmegen provided a 3D drawing of a Dugout.  The Big Draw Nijmegen is saying goodbye to initiator Expoplu this year and will continue under the wings of Stichting P-art. This year The Big Draw operates from the Headquarters at Mariënburgsestraat 59-63. Access to the activities is free.

Well-being and freedom 
The international theme of The Big Draw 2019 is Drawn To Life: Creativity & Well-being. In Nijmegen we do things a bit differently because this year we as a city are considering 75 years of freedom. With us, this year is all about freedom and well-being. Themes that clearly interact. This will certainly be reflected in the various workshops. These are activities in which we together discover what welfare and freedom can mean. How can drawing play a role in this? During the Nijmegen Big Draw, artists will be working on these themes in all sorts of ways. 

What happens during The Big Draw Nijmegen?
Nijmegen will be dedicated to drawing for four days. On Thursday 5 September we will kick off with the school program, which will be continued on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, the residents and visitors of Nijmegen can immerse themselves in the world of drawing, with workshops, activities and performances. Of course there is also a party. On Saturday 7 September from 20:00 at the Kaaij, we will come together to draw, dance and celebrate. Drawing often starts with observation. Exhibitions are therefore not missing on The Big Draw. The full program can be found online: 

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This is a free event

Suitable for ages: All

Organised by The Big Draw Nijmegen

Ms Anita Waltman

Huis van de Nijmeegse Geschiedenis
Mariënburg 26
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