The Big Draw(ing) Drop-In
Sarah Buckett/Decolalia
Chorley Library
Thu 10 Oct 10am-2pm
A day of relaxed drawing for all ages, supporting & celebrating individual style. Being kind to our drawings = being kind to ourselves! A day of relaxed mark-making where you can experiment with different materials and express your drawing style without fear of judgement or comparison.
Drawing is a unique way of communicating with ourselves and others and exploring things that we don't always have the words for. Lots of us worry our drawings aren't good enough and shy away from sketching or doodling for fear of ridicule or criticism, but we can ALL draw in our own way, and our own way is good enough. Being kind to our drawings = being kind to ourselves.
You can go large with communal doodles or stay small with individual sketching. Draw from your memory or existing images and try some drawing games & challenges to get warmed up.
So if you have a day off, are on your lunch break, are retired or are a tired parent/carer with toddlers looking for somewhere to recharge, come and be Drawn to Life!
Suitable for all ages and confidence levels (children must be accompanied by an adult)

This is a free event

Suitable for ages: All

Organised by Decolalia

Mrs Sarah Buckett
t: 07810480142

Family Friendly Facilities: Centrally located, nearby parking (both free & paid), children's section, unisex toilet & baby changing. Close to local shops & cafes. 

Public transport links nearby, automatic doors, ramp entrance, disabled parking spaces, ample space inside for wheelchair & pushchair users. Accessible toilet.

Sarah Buckett/Decolalia
Sarah Buckett/Decolalia

Chorley Library
Chorley Library
Union Street
0300 1236703

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