The Big Green Sketching Thank You
Ali Foxon
Boggy Doodles Online
Mon 03 Oct 9.00
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Sketch and share your love for the nature in your life! The timing of The Big Green Draw couldn't be better!

We've all taken extra comfort and solace from the beauty of the natural world this year, and realised how much we miss it when we can't access it. Wherever you are in the world, let's take a moment to express our appreciation for the nature in our life and how it's helped us cope this year.

How to Take Part
  • Find a pencil or pen, head outdoors and treat yourself to a relaxing few minutes of green sketching. Use the heart template (available at to sketch something in your local area that's brought you unexpected comfort and joy this year: a favourite view, garden plant, bird, tree, pretty weed or beautiful sky.
  • Add your location, so we can collate green sketching hearts from all around the world.
  • Take a photo of your sketch and share it on Instagram (or Twitter) with the hashtags #greensketchingthankyou #thebiggreendraw or email it to Ali Foxon at
Happy Doodling! Remember the quality of your sketch is irrelevant! (It's the fact you've noticed and appreciated nature that matters). 

Visit for more info about green sketching. 

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This is a free event

Suitable for ages: All

Organised by Boggy Doodles

Dr Ali Foxon
t: 07940 573206

Ali Foxon

Boggy Doodles Online
SK10 5UH
07940 573206

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