The Big (Quick) Draw
Burlington Junior School
Mon 12 Nov
450 pupils play our 5 minute version of Google's quick draw at the same time! Our event will be classroom based and will only take 5 minutes to complete. Most children are familiar with Google’s Quick, draw site. It uses AI technology to try and guess what you are drawing by analysing the lines and comparing them to other drawings of the same subject by different people. If you’ve not seen it before – check it out!

It’s all about drawing to communicate a concept or idea in the most economic way possible. The aim is raise awareness that this form of drawing can be developed and used to help not just designers and artists to communicate their ideas but also as a bridge between language or cultural barriers. There is no room for self-awareness when children are playing – artistic merit is not being judged. However, their drawings need to hold the essence of the object they are trying to draw. It helps children build up a visual Filofax in their brains of what certain objects look like and how to communicate them through drawing. At a time that suits you - we will attempt to have an en masse game of quick, draw with each child in the school. Let me know what times suits most – and if you can’t manage that slot – just make sure you fit it in by the end of the week!
  • There will be a sheet with a grid of 6 blank spaces – children will need to add name and class before we start – they watch a video and draw 6 chosen things (20 secs for each drawing)
  • From Monday, the video will be on YouTube​ 
  • Please collect in your sheets and put them in a box that I will leave in the staff room. I’m going to attempt to animate a selection of them and slot them back into the original video in the space where the children were drawing.
I also have a collection of stickers and balloons etc that can be used as an incentive for any reluctant participants. And if you get a chance can you take some photos of them drawing while the video is on please! 

This is the result of all the children's drawings scanned in and animated to the original track.
This is the video that was played to all 450 children while they drew!

This is a free event

Suitable for ages: 6-11

Organised by Burlington Junior School

Mrs Lynn Lebidineuse
t: 02089422687

L Lebidineuse
L Lebidineuse

Burlington Junior School
Burlington Road
New Malden

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