The Great Harvest- Books, Poetry and apples
Rebecca Hilton, Kimberley Appleyard Pallot, Ben James
St Marys Calne
Mon 12 Oct 8:45- 1:15pm
We welcome you to join us in making a bricolage, poetry and image book about a place special to you. In response to our own special place, the apple orchard outside the St Mary’s library, we will be creating bricolage poetry and image books to be exhibited inside the library.

For your own book, you will need:

Papers of different types
Sewing needle and thread

In addition to learning the basics of book binding, you will have access to a range of exciting poetry from that connects you to your own space. You will use the images and craft paper to form the basis of your book content. The aim of this workshop is for students to discover how they can create their own stories from the poetry provided, experience the joy of hand-made books and using bricolage and text creatively. 

This is a free event

Suitable for ages: All

Organised by St Marys Calne

Mrs Kimberley Appleyard Pallot
t: 01249 857200

Rebecca Hilton

St Marys Calne
63 Curzon Street
01249 857200

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