The Still Point Sketching Challenge
Marigold the Maker
Part of Big Draw Festival #stillpointsketchingchallenge
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A FREE online drawing challenge - 31 days of mindful drawing with Marigold the Maker! LET'S DRAW EVERY DAY IN AUGUST 2020! Join the NEW Still Point Sketching Challenge and find your "still point in the turning world" (TS Elliot).  

A free online drawing challenge with Marigold the Maker.

Challenge theme:
  • C R E A T I V E  L I M I T A T I O N S

  •  T H E  A U G U S T  D R A W I N G  C H A L L E N G E

  • STARTS: 1ST AUG 2020


  • FREE welcome pack for all participants

  • Access to the thriving online community in the private Facebook group

  • Instagram hashtag #stillpointsketchingchallenge


  • Be part of a group of like-minded creative people

  • Develop your drawing practice the fun way

  • Daily encouragement and accountability in the private Facebook group

  • Accountability and motivation to get started with developing a daily drawing practice 

  • Downloadable, printable creative workbook to help you design your challenge

  • Encouragement to PLAY, have fun and make the challenge your own

  • Meet new friends for life

  • Increase your drawing confidence with daily practice
A drawing a day helps you work, rest and play!

There's so much to gain from developing a daily drawing practice and this is the perfect place to start.  If you've been meaning to draw more for a while but find need some motivation, encouragement and accountability to get on the page and draw more JOIN THE NEW STILL POINT SKETCHING CHALLENGE! 

Don't miss this chance to join the friendly and encouraging online community of drawers who are all waiting to cheer you on to the finish line! 

What previous challenge participants say:

"It introduced me to a variety of techniques I could use! Ultimately it made me see things differently and I now look at the world and see shapes, colours and textures!"

"Completing the challenge, for me, was key in helping me to recover from depression.  I was in a very low state, the guided focus on drawing practice was extremely mindful and gave me a daily purpose.  The varied techniques of the a - z opened up a creative flow within me.  Many times, I would find myself absorbed in creative drawing processes for several hours at a time."

"The firm and gentle encouragement of Marigold, whilst being completely non judgemental, was key to my enjoyment and completion of the challenge.  Backed by the open and easy going nature of the fb group as a safe place to share and chat about our output.  At the end of the challenge I had developed a renewed enthusiasm for personal creativity.  Marigold is an inspiration."

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This is a free event

Suitable for ages: All

Organised by Marigold the Maker

Ms Marigold the Maker

Instagram: @marigoldthemaker
Facebook page: Marigold the Maker
Hashtag: #stillpointsketchingchallenge

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