Workshop: This New One Involves Games
Ellis Warren
Part of Thursday Evening Workshops Eye to Pencil Studio
Thu 27 Apr 6.30-8.30pm
Ellis Warren leads us in another tangential evening of listening, drawing, writing and speaking, that encourages us to make sense through drawing and think in non-linear, ‘trans-sensical’ ways. WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION
Of the workshop, Ellis writes; "We will learn together from tellings and hearings, about how language works on paper. What those lines do and how they do it to us. We will make drawings that think things through languaging and language through thinkerings. What does it all mean and How do I smell and What do I know and where does it go…

The sign of the mist and the distance in the mist
Oat Gray fist trust the word trust the gist
We will work towards an Ology of our own under standing
riddling madderning polishing cackuling
it is a tower of Bobby I stand under it and it under stands me
And its all there for the asking
Just open your mouth"

Materials are included.

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Access: The studio is on the 1st floor with no lift

Ellis is an artist working with textiles, music and sound. He also goes by the aliases Patchfutures and Othermen (among others). Language, meaning, and synaesthetic thinking are a central focus of his work. He graduated from Goldsmiths in 2022.Instagram: @patchfutures

Our series of Thursday Evening workshops will focus on extending drawing through low-tech, low cost, DIY techniques. The creatives leading each workshop are young and emerging, yet each is working in a strong and accomplished way with their approach and materials. Curated by Alex Heard.

Anyone who is interested in drawing or who draws but would like to try out new materials and techniques centred on drawing.

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Tickets: £10*

Suitable for ages: 16+

Organised by Eye to Pencil

Mrs Luci Eyers
t: 07880790905

The studio is on the 1st Floor and only accessible via stairs.
Ellis Warren
Ellis Warren

Eye to Pencil Studio
26 Exmouth Market

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