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Big Draw Back to cover

Art @ Mulberry Academy shoreditch • 26 Jan to 27 Jan

Lunch time drawing activity
The Big Draw

Course: The Figure in Space and Motion

Art @ Eye to Pencil Studio • 27 Feb, 6 Mar, 13 Mar, 20 Mar to 27 Mar

This course will focus on drawing the figure within our surrounding space and capturing movement.
Eye to Pencil

Drawing into Print: Monoprint and monotype

Art @ Eye to Pencil Studio • 23 Mar

This second workshop led by Temi Bandele will continue to explore monoprint, this time expanding into monotype.
Eye to Pencil

Family Friendly Exhibition Preview | Constellations of Multiple Wishes

Art @ The Mosaic Rooms • 16 Feb

Join us for the family friendly opening of the exhibition Constellations of Multiple Wishes; with activities for children.
design by Hyperkit

Workshop for Families | Sensing Our Way

Art @ The Mosaic Rooms • 18 Feb

Help Artist and Educator Sarah Marsh create a design that will be used in the making of ‘SOW’; the new Sensory Toolkit coming to The Mosaic Rooms!
Courtesy of The Mosaic Rooms

Workshop: Collaborative character creation: drawing and modelling

Art @ Eye to Pencil Studio • 16 Feb

This workshop led by Otto Hodgkinson will focus on creating characters, inspired and elaborated from different visual prompts.
Eye to Pencil

Workshop: Drawing an Object: Observation & Fabrication

Art @ Eye to Pencil Studio • 26 Jan

Polly Plowden will lead a workshop that encourages drawing from observation, imagination and each others drawings.
Eye to Pencil

Workshop: Drawing and Sculpting a Poem

Art @ Eye to Pencil Studio • 16 Mar

Jessica Panchi Pacheco will lead an exciting workshop combining collaboration, poetry, sculpting in clay and drawing using coloured pencil.
Eye to Pencil

Workshop: Drawing and The City

Art @ Eye to Pencil Studio • 9 Feb

Issey Kang will lead a workshop focusing on 'macro and mico looking', taking a psychogeographic exploration of place through drawing.
Eye to Pencil

Workshop: Drawing Thresholds: (Re)considering the ‘traditional’, the ‘modern’ and the ‘contemporary’

Art @ Eye to Pencil Studio • 15 Feb

Taking inspiration from Artpedagogy’s Threshold Concepts for Art, this experimental drawing workshop led by Chris Francis will playfully explore (and challenge) notions of the ‘traditional’, ‘modern’...
Eye to Pencil

Workshop: Moving inside my head through the paper in my hands - memory, drawing and collage

Art @ Eye to Pencil Studio • 31 Jan

This workshop led by Joana Galego is centred on her belief that one can live through drawing, experiencing fear and resolution, encounter mystery, rejoice in failure, translate what’s nameless and...
Eye to Pencil

Workshop: Repetition and iteration through drawing

Art @ Eye to Pencil Studio • 2 Mar

This workshop led by Mario Veselinov will explore the use of repetition and iteration as a resourceful way to experiment with drawing approaches.
Eye to Pencil

Workshop: Rubbings (Part 3)

Art @ Eye to Pencil Studio • 19 Jan

Lucas D'Praser Corp is returning to the studio for the spring term to run another iteration of his rubbings workshop.
Eye to Pencil

Workshop: What You see is not what You look at

Art @ Eye to Pencil Studio • 8 Mar

This experimental workshop led by Markus Vater will investigate drawing, perception and thinking through a number of actions and exercises.
Eye to Pencil

Workshop: Writing, Speaking, Listening, Drawing

Art @ Eye to Pencil Studio • 2 Feb

Ellis Warren will lead a workshop that encourages us to make sense through drawing and think in non-linear, ‘trans-sensical’ ways.
Eye to Pencil