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Join the World's biggest celebration of drawing in 2018! 

We are thrilled to announce our theme for 2018: Play! - For kids and big kids alike, The Big Draw Festival 2018 is all about letting loose, embracing happy accidents, discovery, and most importantly having fun with your weird and wonderful materials of choice!

The theme is just a suggestion that many find useful to get the creative cogs churning when planning their events, but there is no obligation to use it, just as long as you're drawing! Registrations are open for The Big Draw Festival 2018. Click below to register or login or if you still want to know more, please read on! 

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who can organise an event?

Anyone can! Our mission is to get EVERYONE drawing...


Whether you are from a gallery, museum, library, school, care home, community centre or you are just someone passionate about drawing, anyone can register to be part of the international Big Draw Festival 2018!

Join our annual festival of over 1000 events from 1 - 31 October. You can also register drawing events and exhibitions outside The Big Draw dates. These will be displayed throughout the year.

When Should we sign up?

The Big Draw Festival theme is announced and registrations are now OPEN for 2018!

We advise you to sign up as soon as you can to register and access all the promotional resources available to plan and market you event(s) and get a name check in the PR!

Once signed up and registered you can add UNLIMITED EVENTS throughout The Big Draw Festival and up until December 2018, if you want to add events to our site thereafter. 


Starting at £50 for non-fee paying schools and individual organisers the festival subscription model can be viewed here.  

Festival Sponsor-Partner Packages and sponsorship packages for Publishers are also available during The Big Draw Festival.

See our current 2018 Sponsor-Partners here.

In exchange we offer:  Exclusive access to marketing resources including guidelines, logos, posters, certificates, books on drawing, art material discounts, press release and sponsorship templates, eligibility for Big Draw Awards and a bespoke welcome pack.

You are The Big Draw, and our charitable mission would not be possible without your support. Read our FAQs here.

Does our event have to be free?

If you are able to fling your doors open to one and all for free that's great! 

However, many organisers take part to fundraise for their own campaigns, or if you have a workshop you'd like to align with drawing and The Big Draw Festival, signing up is a great way to boost the profile of your event!

Please refer to our Marketing Toolkit after signing up for tips on fundraising! 

when + where does it take place?

The Big Draw Festival takes place annually from 1 - 31 October.  Although once registered you can list your drawing events on up until March the following year, so please do keep your events going as long as you wish outside of the official festival.  

Although initiated in the UK events now take place worldwide, last year there were events in 26 countries and it continues to grow. To reflect this international growth we have introduced official Big Draw Festival logos for every country that takes part. Download yours in the organiser area!

THE Big Draw Festival Awards

Win up to £750 for your event!

The Big Draw Festival Awards reward drawing without borders – activities that extend our definitions of drawing and audiences by being both experimental and inclusive.
Read more here.

Organiser Welcome Packs 

In addition to the digital resources and downloads available, all registered organisers will be able to request a bespoke pack of marketing resourses posted direct to your door! 

2018 festival timeline

February - October 2018 - Theme logos and digital resources including press and sponsorship templates available for download from The Big Draw organiser area. (You can also contact the team direct here!)

15 -16 September - The Big Draw Italia 2018 Launch celebration (Milano, Italia)

29 September - Big Draw Festival 2018 Launch celebration & Awards ceremony 

1 - 31 October 2018 - The Big Draw Festival 2018 | Worldwide | Its over to you! 

1 November - 15 January 2018 - The Big Draw Festival Award Applications open.

Read our testimonials here for more from our Big Draw Organisers! Alongside all the benefits above organising a Big Draw event can help you achieve DoE or Arts Award goals!

  What is included?

Guidance material (case studies + videos):

  • Drawing in Education settings
  • Drawing in Museums and heritage settings
  • Drawing in Community and other settings
  • Event organising
  • Marketing your event 
  • Sponsorship + PR letter templates

Digital Resources / downloads:

  • Big Draw Festival logos
  • International Festival Logos
  • 2018 theme logos + banners
  • Branding guidelines
  • Marketing guidelines including social media toolkit
  • Posters
  • Certificates
  • Online mini magazine around theme – Big Draw Ideas
  • Digital website and social media banners
  • Stickers templates and downloads
  • Big Draw Animation.gifs