Organiser FAQs

We are always on hand to answer your questions about your Big Draw Festival events.  Here are a few we have received recently that may answer some of your queries, we hope they help! Please do get in touch if your question isn't answered below:

Did you know...?

1. You can charge for entry to your Big Draw Festival event?  When listing your event on our website look out for the 'Ticket Required' and 'Ticket Price' buttons on the left hand side. Many organisers take part in The Big Draw Festival to give their fundraisers an extra promotional boost.
2. When your Big Draw account is set up so you can auto-tweet your events once you list them!  Make sure your Twitter details are added to your account Organisation page and you'll be prompted to notify our 26k Twitter followers every time you list an event! 
3. For The Big Draw Festival 2018, you can customise the contents of your postal Welcome Packs! Pick and choose exactly what your event needs from a wide range of resources including our official Festival t-shirt, certificates, balloons, posters, books on drawing and more! 
4. Did you know Sponsor-Partners benefit from next-level engagement?  Support us at the £400 level or higher and we'll promote your event through newsletters, interviews, features, blog posts, Press Release inclusion, and we'll display your logo on our site reaching over 4000 active daily users during The Big Draw Festival on
5. Our Marketing Guidelines now include templates and advice on seeking sponsorship for your Big Draw Festival event. Login and go to 'Resources-> Logos and Printouts-> Marketing Guidelines' to find out more!
6. You can sign up to put on an event at any time of year, not just during the Big Draw Festival in October!  Once you have paid your subscription all resources and unlimited listing facilities are open to you until December 2018.  
7. When you subscribe you receive an exclusive discount code for 25% off in The Big Draw Shop 'Play Collection'.
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