The chilled out and colourful Hawksbill Sea Turtle is one of our 2020 Big Green Draw: Climate of Change animals. Our brilliant Patron Millie Marotta has created an exclusive illustrated download for Big Draw Organisers to download, colour in and share with the community. 
The critically endangered Hawksbills are subject to illegal human poaching for their prized shells. Spread awareness of this vulnerable population by undertaking the #ShadeTheShell challenge. Here’s how you can take part…
  • Join The Big Draw Festival as a 2020 Big Green Draw Festival Organiser (all tiers are eligible to receive the download)
  • Log into The Big Draw Organiser’s Area and go to the “Resources” tab to download the Hawksbill Sea Turtle x Millie Marotta illustration.
  • Circulate at your Big Draw events and within your online courses/initiatives. 
  • Encourage people to share their drawings with @The_Big_Draw and on Twitter using the #ShadetheShell.