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The STEAM Powered Big Draw Festival  | #STEAMBDF2016

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Bringing together Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. STEAM fuses creative innovation, enterprise, digital technologies and the arts.

STEAM also represents our support of the campaign to give the arts parity with other subjects so that STEM becomes STEAM. Read the press release here. 

The Big Draw Patron Sir Roger Penrose demonstrates why drawing is a vital problem solving tool.

The Big Draw Festival STEAM logo

Earlier in 2016 we put it to you to design a logo that embodied STEAM Power. Thank you for all your amazing entries! The winner took home £250 and a bumber pack of GreatArt goodies! See #STEAMBDF16 #bigdraw #logoentries16 on The Big Draw Instagram for more of the brilliant entries.

Read more about the winner and design on The Big Draw blog. The winning design is featured above (and below).The Universal Language


Read our recent newsletter on STEAM Education and the importance of visual literacy in Schools.



Check out our STEAM Powered Big Draw Festival mini-mag for some inspiration and tips for your Big Draw Festival:




So for The Big Draw 2016 Festival, we want you to show the world how #DrawingChangesLives beyond art. Sketch a Scientific theory, trace some Technology, etch like an Engineer or draw Mathematical equations with masking tape. The choice is yours! Together, We will embrace STEAM Power by showing that creativity enables innovation.

See our organise an event page to see what being a Big Draw Festival Organiser means in 2016! Ready to get going? Click to banner below to login or register your event:


Kick starting The STEAM Powered Big Draw Festival!

On 10 September 2016 we held a public Symposium with over 25 contributors from the worlds of Science, Technology, education, Art & Design to raise our collective voice in support of the power of Visual Literacy and drawing across ALL industries and throughout the entire cirriculum.

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Read the Press Release here.

 Now it's over to you! 

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putting Art in the picture - from STEM to STEAM: Messages from our patrons:

Watch our patron Bob & Roberta Smith describe his passionate belief that all schools should be art schools.











Drawing has been an invaluable tool for Big Draw patron Sir Roger Penrose. Watch him describe why drawing is essential to his work as a mathematical physicist. Sir Roger's work has won awards for improving our understanding of the universe.