The Big Draw Festival 2022: Come Back To Colour

The 2022 Big Draw Festival theme, Come Back To Colour, is a love letter to each other and the world around us. The theme encapsulates what we all hope will be a rediscovery of the vitality,health, care and vibrancy in everyone's lives after what has been a challenging last few years.   

The devastating effects of the pandemic on everyone across the world has been succeeded by even more fundamental fears which underlines the need, more than ever before, to nurture and cherish the places where joy, colour and freedom thrive, and celebrate this. 

The colour in our lives and the world around us dazzles in its richness and diversity if we only choose to slow down and look. Many families and communities around the world are coming back together, seeing those long missed and seeking connection after so long apart.

This notion of rediscovery opens up a number of ways to observe the colour around us. We might see people seeking their vitality, reconnecting with both their physical and mental ‘colours’, elements that make them who they are. We might observe the wonderful vibrancy in the colours across the seasons and our natural world around us, taking a moment to celebrate our environment and protect the 'health' of our ecosystem.

The world has changed over the last two years and there is no going back to ‘normal’. Our theme is not about trying to recapture a time that has been lost – it is about capturing, celebrating and finding joy with all thebeautiful and wondrous things that remain.

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A message from The Big Draw Director, Kate Mason on The Big Draw Festival 2022 Theme, 'Come Back To Colour':

“ In 2021 it felt like we had somehow accidentally glitched into a parallel but ever-more disturbing and surreal world where literally, if something could happen, it would. 

The ongoing impact of the pandemic continued to lay bare the systemic fragility and deep inequalities buried within many systems and processes.  It seemed that on the horizon, the dark spectres of conquest, war, famine and death could be glimpsed.

This is why, more than ever in our past, our collective experience of what it means to be human, with all its commonality, vast differences and diversity needs to be held onto tight and celebrated in all its colour and beauty.

This year’s theme continues to build on a key strand of all recent themes on the need to come together and protect our planet and fragile eco-system. As before, it is there to help support all the pioneers and positive change-makers, those seeking to make positive change in their community.

Most of all though, this year’s theme aims to encourage us all to try - to capture, to define, to crystalise and to celebrate how colour creates joy in so many ways – big and small. The dazzling beauty of all that is good, kind, and full of light and hope in our world.

We hope that this year's theme will inspire Big Draw Festival event organisers all over the world. We look forward to you joining us.”

Kate Mason

Director, The Big Draw 

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