The Concepts Drawing Challenge

Running from 18 December-8 January 2022, the latest Concepts Drawing Challenge invited you to draw a portrait of someone who inspires you. 

It could have been a creator, influencer, best friend, or anyone who has made a difference in your life. How have they helped you? Maybe you tried a two-toned sketch, were creative with dimensions, colours or fills, or take a Picasso-styled approach... whatever sparked your creative energy.

Take a look below to see the winners!

Draw a Portrait Challenge Winners


We were very touched by your portrait submissions. We felt so much warmth and connection to the people you shared, it was a privilege to learn about those who have made a difference in your life. Thank you for your participation, what an incredible creative start to the new year strengthened by those around us!

Congratulations to our challenge winners!

1. @daydreamer35813 drew a portrait of English artist and satirical cartoonist Robert Searle, in a wonderful inked style appreciative of the artist's work.


2. u/hhvvhhll shared a portrait of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, whose insights have helped him to overcome a life of physical trauma and find connection and meaning in his inner landscapes.


3. @lightship_print_shop sketched a portrait of Natural Historian David Attenborough, whose championing of the natural world has been a positive influence in her design work.

Thank you so much for all your amazing entries! Stay tuned for the next Drawing Challenge at the end of this month. 

About Concepts

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Concepts is a vector-based sketching tool with a whiteboard-like canvas and popular with note takers, visual thinkers, architects, designers and illustrators. The Concepts Community is a space for news, interviews and tutorials featuring Concepts App, sharing challenges and material from excellent creators TopHatch work with. The app’s endless canvas enables boundless idea exploration, while the realistic pencils and pens make drawing feel natural and genuine. The app’s vector-based drawing engine lets you powerfully edit and organize every element of your sketches, designs and illustrations, and gives you flexibility to work with other software.

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