Care UK & The Big Draw Festival 2020

The Big Draw are thrilled to announce that the UK's largest independent provider of health and social care, Care UK, are official sponsors of The Big Draw Festival 2020, this year themed: The Big Green Draw: A Climate of Change. For the second year running, Care UK will host Big Draw Festival events in 70 of their care homes across the UK this October.

Activities will embrace this year's Festival theme by encouraging participants to embrace their creative sides, get back to nature and explore themes of positive activism.

Read our blog piece on last year's Big Draw events at one of Care UK's care homes, Sherwood Grange, here.

Read our Press Release here.

Please note: all images shown on this page are from events that took place in October 2019, prior to the outbreak of COVID-19. Group events are not taking place under the current circumstances, and CareUK are taking every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of their residents and employees.

How is Care UK getting involved?

Throughout October, 70 of Care UK’s homes will be working with residents to get their creative skills down to a fine art, and have fun!

This is the second year in a row that Care UK are taking part in The Big Draw Festival. In 2019, more than half of Care UK’s 120 homes teamed up with schools, nurseries and groups of young people to draw, craft and create together alongside residents as part of their Big Draw Festival 'Drawn to Life' activities.

Due to the unprecedented challenges brought about by Covid19, Care UK will be exploring a more digital approach to their Big Draw events in 2020, continuing to encourage intergenerational participation remotely.

Why is Care UK taking part in the Big Draw Festival?

Drawing, combined with the power of intergenerational relationships, can have multiple benefits for older people, especially those living with dementia.

Suzanne Mumford, Care UK’s dementia expert, said:

“We are very proud to be the official health and social care sponsor for The Big Green Draw Festival 2020.

"The recent pandemic has shown very powerfully how important and rewarding creative activities can be to care home residents, particularly when some of the more usual trips out and visitors have not been accessible.

“The Big Draw initiative really resonates with our activity-based approach to care. As we did last year we plan to again involve young people participating alongside residents in our homes. Although visits in person are not going to be possible so that we can keep everyone safe, we’ve got some cunning plans up our sleeves to use things like Zoom and Facebook to link with schools and other groups.

“Arts are an essential part of life in our care homes and I’ve seen first-hand how drawing and painting can bring satisfaction and pride to older people. Using art materials can also be a powerful reminiscence activity for people living with dementia – prompting long forgotten skills and bringing into focus memories of a person’s earlier life.

“After last year’s life drawing class, I can’t wait to see what our teams and residents come up with for their Big Green Draw Festival celebrations this year."

- Suzanne Mumford, Care UK's dementia expert

This collaboration is a wonderful celebration that it's never too late to explore your creative side!

The Big Draw believes drawing is an essential human skill important in all walks of life. We believe everyone can draw and everyone should have the opportunity to explore the benefits of a more creative life. Through our global Festival we work to break down the many barriers that prevent people from being actively creative.

Kate Mason, Director of The Big Draw, said:

“Care UK has a history and track record in supporting individuals to feel fulfilled, active and supported in their environment – often through challenging times for them and their families. The Big Draw charity shares Care UK’s approach around the focusing on the nurturing of an individual to help them unleash new (or rediscover forgotten) talents, fresh curiosity or interests that make them happy and feel connected to those around them. Curiosity, play and creativity are what make us human and help maintain vitality of body, heart and soul – whatever our age or stage of life.

“I visited Sherwood Grange (Care UK home) for a Big Draw event in 2019 which proved to be a truly life-affirming and uplifting experience. The commitment from all involved - and quality of artwork produced was a delight to witness. An added benefit was to have the opportunity to chat with some of the artist residents and hear a little about their own stories and adventures.

“The Big Draw has always championed the power of lifelong learning and the positive impact of creative participatory activities for ourselves and the planet. For The Big Green Draw Festival 2020 we will explore sustainable methods of engagement and rediscover the ways in which we do, and do not harmonise with nature. We look forward to supporting new digital methods of engagement with the arts and drawing this year.

“Care UK - like The Big Draw, values and embeds opportunities for creative engagement across its national portfolio of care homes- seeing first-hand the impact that little things can have. Small things can often lead to big things and act as a positive catalyst for an individual’s quality of life and increased self-confidence. Like The Big Draw, Care UK are also able to share the stories of normal ‘everyday’ people who do extraordinary things and continually surprise those around them with their invention, tenacity and energy.

“With all the above in mind, we are delighted that Care UK has agreed to be the official health and social care sponsor for The Big Green Draw Festival 2020: A Climate of Change. Care UK shares our ambitions, passion and core values around quality of life and the right for everyone to be respected and express themselves creatively. We are looking forward to what we know will be a fruitful and dynamic partnership.”

 - Kate Mason, Director of The Big Draw

Care UK are The Big Green Draw Festival 2020: A Climate of Change lead Sponsor-Partners

About Care UK

Care UK is one of the largest providers of residential care for older people. With a talented team of over 10,000 colleagues, Care UK operate 120 care homes with places for around 7,000 mostly older people.   

Their homes provide an impressive suite of care services for older people, ranging from short respite stays to high level nursing care. They are particularly skilled at providing specialist care and support for people living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Care UK are proud to be building so many brand new, carefully designed care homes - they have opened over 30 new homes since 2011 and expect to open around 15 new homes by the summer of 2021 in locations including Bristol, Bracknell, Chester and Maidstone.

The quality of their services, as rated by the CQC in England and the Care Inspectorate in Scotland, compares very favourably with other providers. More of Care UK’s homes are rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ than those run by the other four largest UK care home providers.

To find out more about Care UK’s see