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#Play 2018 Spotlight on Dehong Chinese International School

Thu 06 Dec

"At Dehong, we value the power of play and the positive impact it has on young learners... if the students are engaged and enjoying a lesson, they are naturally motivated and learning."

We were thrilled to catch up with Lorraine Brett and find out more about Dehong International School, its philosophies, heritage and involvement with The Big Draw Festival!


#Play 2018 Spotlight on The University of Lincoln

Sat 17 Nov

"It’s vital that we all work hard to encourage and develop young people’s creativity"

This year was The University of Lincoln’s third year taking part in The Big Draw Festival. We are thrilled to have been able to catch up with Brian Voce, and hear his opinion on the importance of drawing in everyday life, and the role of Play and creativity in education, development and wellbeing.


#Play 2018 Spotlight on Aust-Agder County

Wed 31 Oct

" opens up for your own creativity which in itself enhances the learning processes... It is vital that our future generations believe in their ability to make a difference."

We were thrilled to catch up with Anne Mari Graver and find out more about "The Cultural Rucksack", Aust-Agder County’s involvement with The Big Draw Festival, and her views on the importance of drawing and visual literacy!


#Play 2018 Spotlight on Centraal Museum

Thu 25 Oct

"Being visually literate in a world more and more saturated by images is very important. As a curator of contemporary art, the reading and understanding of the meaning, history and impact of an image is of great importance."

The Big Draw Festival 2018: Play has been bringing people around the globe back to the drawing board for some weeks now! We were lucky enough to steal a few moments with Centraal Museum just in time before their final Big Draw workshop!


#Play 2018 Spotlight on The National Gallery of Art Washington DC

Tue 23 Oct

"By encouraging an understanding and appreciation of art we’re also encouraging critical thinking, building empathy, and teaching visual literacy skills that can then be applied to all other aspects of life."

We are thrilled to be catching up with Sherri Williams, the National Gallery’s Manager of Community Programs, to talk drawing, visual literacy, and the role of Play in the Gallery's programmes...


#Play 2018 Spotlight on Liverpool Hope University

Mon 22 Oct

"We are committed to championing the arts and creativity; it is essential that universities continue this role particularly in the face of hostile markertisation."

We’re thrilled to be stealing a few moments with Liverpool Hope University, ahead of their #TheBigDraw event on the 23rd of October.


#Play 2018 Spotlight on The National Portrait Gallery

Thu 18 Oct

"Our artists always emphasize that there’s not a right or wrong way to create art. For our younger and older family visitors alike this ensures their imaginations can run free and not be too bound by conventions – our offer provides opportunities to let loose in a supported way, take inspiration and express their own creativity."

The Big Draw interview with Juno Rae, Families and Young People's Programme Manager at the National Portrait Gallery.


#Play 2018 Spotlight on Shakespeare's Globe

Wed 17 Oct

We’re thrilled to be catching up with The Globe’s Access Manager, David Bellwood who will be disclosing the vital role of drawing in both unveiling the mysteries of the bard’s original stomping ground on Bankside and its vital role in the output of these world renowed playhouses today.

Shakespeare’s Globe will be hosting their Big Draw Festival events during half term 22 – 26 October in their exhibition space and will be playing with character design.


#Play 2018 Spotlight on Bletchley Park

Mon 15 Oct

As the home of British code breaking and birthplace of modern information technology, Bletchley Park was vital to the ultimate Allied victory in World War Two. Learn all about Bletchley Park's fascinating history, and find out more about their fantastic upcoming #TheBigDraw Festival events... 


#Play 2018 Spotlight on The British Museum

Mon 15 Oct

Since the founding of The Big Draw in 2000, The British Museum has taken part every year in The Big Draw Festival, opening its doors to anyone and everyone wanting to unleash their creative sides. This year, The British Museum’s #TheBigDraw event, taking place on Saturday 27th, takes inspiration from the current exhibition I object: Ian Hislop’s search for dissent and will therefore be drawing on the themes of satire, subversion and of course… Play!


#Play 2018 Spotlight on The Museum in the Park

Fri 12 Oct

Here at The Big Draw, we are thrilled to announce that Museum in the Park will once again be taking part in The Big Draw Festival! Last year was a wonderful success (and we have a sneaky suspicion that this year will be even better!) This year’s event ‘Grow Yourself a Drawing’ promises an exciting and creative approach to exploring the Museum's galleries, collections and stunning grounds.


#Play2018 Feature: Spotlight on Inspire: Culture, Learning & Libraries

Thu 11 Oct

"Before anyone learns to read they learn to read pictures, and picture books are the gateway to developing readers for pleasure that will forever value books and the free access a library offers". 

The Big Draw interview with Helen Ackroyd,  Principal Arts Officer at Inspire: Culture, Learning and Libraries


#Play 2018 Feature: Spotlight on Snite Museum of Art

Thu 11 Oct

In my experience, the only bad drawing is the one that never leaves your mind…that you deem to be impossible before you even start. We get a lot of people saying, “I can’t even draw a stick figure.” 

The Big Draw interview with Sarah Martin, Curator of Education: Public Programs, Snite Museum of Art


#Play2018 Feature: Puppets, Pencils and Play! Interview with Dave Goelz

Thu 11 Oct

"I’ve had the privilege of being paid to play for forty-five years, and I’m still going. I believe play keeps you young”.

Interview with Dave Goelz with thanks to The Walt Disney Family Museum


Puppets, Pencils and Play! Spotlight on The Walt Disney Family Museum

Mon 08 Oct

The Big Draw Festival 2018: Play is well underway! As Festival co-creators across the globe work on the finishing touches for their Big Draw events we catch up with the team at The Walt Disney Family Museum to talk Puppets, Pencils and Play and their incredible packed events programme for #Play2018 on Saturday 13 October!


#play2018 Spotlight on Stourhead National Trust's Big Draw

Thu 04 Oct

The Big Draw Festival 2018: Play is officially in full swing! As Festival co-creators across the globe work on the finishing touches for their Big Draw events we catch up with the team at Stourhead, National Trust, to talk fantasy landscapes, the ‘painterly eye’ and the importance of play…



#play2018 Spotlight on Guildford Borough's Big Draw

Tue 02 Oct

The Big Draw Festival 2018: Play is officially in full swing! As organisers across the globe work on the finishing touches for their Big Draw events, we take a closer look into the return of Guildford Borough’s Big Draw which launches on 7 October with an exciting array of creative and playful workshops for all the family...


Celebrate The Big Draw Festival with Today at Apple

Thu 27 Sep

Today at Apple will run 108 sessions as part of The Big Draw Festival across 8 flagship stores in cities across the globe.


Spotlight on Tamworth Arts and Events!

Tue 25 Sep

The Big Draw Festival 2018: Play is on the horizon, and as organisers all over the globe prepare their events for your drawing pleasure, we chat to The Big Draw Co-creators putting their personal stamp on #Play2018! 

We catch up with the Big Draw Award winning Tamworth Arts & Events to see how they plan on topping last year's prize winning Big Draw....


Ivan Harbour to be announced as Patron of The Big Draw

Tue 18 Sep

Senior Partner at Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and Stirling Prize winning architect Ivan Harbour, is to be announced as the newest patron of visual literacy charity, The Big Draw, on Saturday 22nd September 2018.


Brace yourselves Italy #TheBigDrawFabriano is coming...

Wed 12 Sep

On the weekend of 15 and 16 September some Big Draw Magic will be stirring in Milan, Italy…


Spotlight on The Big Draw Festival 2018 Nijmegen!

Thu 23 Aug

The Big Draw Festival 2018: Play is on the horizon, and as organisers all over the globe prepare their events for your drawing pleasure, we chat to the artists, architects, designers, scientists, educators and Big Draw Co-creators from all over the globe - giving the possibilities of drawing a new lease life this autumn as part of their Big Draw Festival events. We are thrilled to be catching up with ambitious Big Draw Festival Nijmegen organiser Anita Waltman, for her tips on putting on a show stopping Big Draw and to find out a little more about beautiful Nijmegen...


The Big Draw Festival 2018 Launch Partners Announced

Tue 14 Aug

Art in Liverpool and National Museums Liverpool will join The Big Draw as launch partners of The International Big Draw Festival 2018, it has been announced, today.


Announcing The Big Draw Festival 2017 Award Winners!

Tue 05 Jun

The Big Draw is thrilled to announce the winners of the international Big Draw Festival Awards 2017/18. The Big Draw Award winners have been selected by a distinguished jury from a shortlist of projects that took place as part of Big Draw Festival 2017 celebrating ‘Living Lines’, and we announce the winner of the very first People's Choice Award!


The Big Draw meets... Mercury Mall

Thu 22 Mar

In the first of our #Play2018 Big Draw Festival organiser interviews, we are thrilled to be talking to the team at The Mercury Shopping Centre in Romford!  

We caught up with Natalie Bays, The Deputy Centre Manager, who explains why shopping centres are the perfect place to get crafty…


Play 2018 Inspiration...The Big Draw meets Anna Bruder

Wed 14 Mar

As we launch the theme for The Big Draw Festival 2018Play, we are pleased to be bringing you a series of interviews, blogs and pearls of wisdom from artists, architects, designers, scientists, educators and Big Draw Organisers for whom drawing and play are key ingredients in their careers and lives.
First up, we're thrilled to chat with artist and creator of A Line Art, Anna Bruder, about the importance of making mistakes, big pens, drawn space craft and everything in between!


Narinder Sagoo becomes newest Patron of The Big Draw

Mon 06 Nov

Narinder Sagoo has been announced as the new patron of arts education charity, The Big Draw, during its global, month-long festival celebrating visual literacy and the universal language of drawing.



The Big Draw meets... Gloucester Cathedral!

Wed 01 Nov

The awe-inspiring space of Gloucester Cathedral was host to a week long Big Draw Festival event in October half-term this year, entitled The Cathedral Colouring-In Challenge.  Find out more in our interview!  


The Big Draw meets... Royal Collection Trust!

Wed 01 Nov

We spoke to Royal Collection Trust about the inspiring events they ran at three sites in October:  Windsor Castle, Palace of Holyroodhouse, and Buckingham Palace!


Narinder Sagoo sketches animated letter to become The Big Draw's newest patron

Tue 31 Oct

Narinda Sagoo sketches an animated acceptance letter to become the newest patron of The Big Draw.


The Big Draw meets...Soong Ching Ling International Kindergarten

Tue 24 Oct

Soong Ching Ling International Kindergarten is a Chinese school that has taken part in The Big Draw for a few years running.  We wanted welcome them into the fold of our new Sponsor-Partners, ask them a little bit about themselves and their mission, touching on their history, their humanitarian efforts, and more!  



The Big Draw meets...Peabody Essex Museum!

Fri 06 Oct

We are thrilled to be catching up with our friends across the pond: Peabody Essex Museum, Massachusetts as they prepare for their epic 1-day Big Draw Festival 2017: Living Lines takeover on Monday 9 Oct, encompassing everything from stop motion animation workshops to a GIF photo booth!


The Big Draw meets... Tamworth!

Wed 04 Oct

Tamworth Arts & Events' very first Big Draw Festival is all about drawing in unusual spaces, with unusual materials! From electrical tape and UV paint in bus stops and shopping centres... this is not a #LivingLines17 event to miss!


The Big Draw meets...Rijksmuseum

Tue 03 Oct

As they join The Big Draw Festival for the fourth year, we are thrilled to steal a few precious moments with Rijksmuseum, Netherlands, ahead of their Big Draw Festival 2017 events. We talk drawing to help understand art, why wonder isn't just for kids and why you should make your mark in museums!


The Big Draw meets... The Albertina Museum Vienna

Fri 29 Sep

We talk to the iconic Albertina Museum in Vienna about their one million artwork strong collection, drawing in museums, learning from their visitors, and what they think Bruegel would have made of The Big Draw’s 2017 Living Lines theme!


The Big Draw meets Andreas Deja Part 2

Wed 02 Aug

Andreas Deja’s career has to be one of the most impressive in the traditional, hand-drawn animation field. He worked with Disney from 1980 to 2011, most notably as Supervising Animator on characters from some of the studio’s most well-known features including Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and Aladdin among many other important roles.  He is currently directing his own featurette Mushka.  He also maintains the Deja View blog, one of the most comprehensive love letters to animation history on the net. 


The Big Draw meets Andreas Deja Part 1

Wed 02 Aug

Andreas Deja’s career has to be one of the most impressive in the traditional, hand-drawn animation field. He worked with Disney from 1980 to 2011, most notably as Supervising Animator on characters from some of the studio’s most well-known features including Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and Aladdin among many other important roles.  He is currently directing his own featurette Mushka.  He also maintains the Deja View blog, one of the most comprehensive love letters to animation history on the net.


Introducing 'Representing Biology as Process'

Wed 19 Jul

Big Draw patron Gemma Anderson has recently embarked on a three year project at the University of Exeter. The project aims to explore the role of drawing in microbiology and why the process of drawing has been on the decline within the field. 


Living Lines with Francis Quinn

Wed 19 Jul

We spent the day with creative baking superstar and Big Draw patron Frances Quinn. Read on to find out what we got up to!


The Big Draw meets Eastbury School part 2

Wed 19 Jul

Part two of our wonderful interview with Jennifer Higginson from Eastbury School. Here we talked about visual literacy, the challenges facing art departments across the UK and much more!


The Big Draw meets Eastbury School part 1

Tue 27 Jun

The Big Draw talked to Jennifer Higginson - head of the Art Department at Eastbury School in East London - about the school's relationship with The Big Draw. Eastbury have organised loads of amazing Big Draw Events over the years many of them with Animation at the core!



Wed 21 Jun

The winners of The John Ruskin Prize 2017 have been announced, today, by The Big Draw and the Guild of St. George during an award ceremony hosted by Museums Sheffield at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield.



The Big Draw meets Alex Evans

Fri 02 Jun

The Big Draw went to meet artist in residence at Tower Bridge Alex Evans. We chatted about his work, his resedencey, animation and of course The Big Draw and our message of visual literacy. We hope you are inspired by our interview with Alex!


Interview with Roger Beckett from Pintar Rapido - Europe's Biggest Outdoor Painting Festival

Tue 23 May

This year, Pintar Rapido will take place across London on July 29th and 30th, a celebration of painting which aims to get artists at all levels of experience to capture the spirit of their city across one day, with every piece produced at the festival going on public display at Chelsea Old Town Hall.


The Big Draw Talks to Quirky Pictures

Tue 11 Apr

We talked to Kim & Shaun from Quirky Pictures about all things animated and just how easy it is to startcreating your own animated work!


Jim Le Fevre Gives you Advice for The Big Draw 2017

Tue 11 Apr

We talked to artist, animator and all round lovely guy Jim Le Fevre. In this final part of the interview Jim gives you advice on how to organise a Big Draw event with animation at it's heart.


Jim Le Fevre on The Phonotrope™

Tue 11 Apr

We talked on artist, animator and all round lovely guy Jim Le Fevre about his wonderful invention The Phonotrope™. 


Jim Le Fevre on Visual Literacy

Tue 11 Apr

We talked to artist, animator and all round lovely guy Jim Le Fevre about Visual Literacy and why it is so important to his work.


Jim Le Fevre on Animation & Inspiration

Tue 11 Apr

We talked to artist, animator and all round lovely guy Jim Le Fevre about animation and what inspires him to keep creating wonderful animated work. 


REGISTRATION NOW OPEN - Living Lines: An Animated Big Draw Festival

Tue 21 Feb

Registration is now open to take part in the world’s biggest drawing festival, Living Lines: An Animated Big Draw Festival, from 1-31 October 2017.



The Big Draw Guest Blog: Celebrating 10 years of NEATEN

Tue 21 Feb

The Drawing Associates programme was originally launched in 2010 with great success. Starting in early 2017, our various associates around the country will begin implementing ideas, events and programmes to celebrate drawing in all its forms. Over the coming weeks the associates will be contributing to The Big Draw blog to highlight what they will be up to in 2017! 



Are Artists the new Polymaths?

Fri 20 Jan

As we open the John Ruskin Prize 2017 we ask: Where are all the polymaths?


Patron Bob and Roberta Smith awarded OBE

Tue 10 Jan

Patron of The Big Draw, Bob and Roberta Smith RA, will receive an OBE for services to the arts.



The Big Draw: Leeds Royal Armouries

Thu 08 Dec

We have a very special guest blogger, writing about her Big Draw Festival 2016 experience at The Royal Armouries, in Leeds. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Claudia....


Crafty Christmas - Winners Announced!

Wed 16 Nov

THANK YOU to all who got into the #CraftyXmas spirit and entered our Crafty Christmas card competition this year, in partnership with Cass Art! 

We have been blown away by your fantastic festive fancies! You've used sequins, linocuts, wool, good old graphite and anything else you can get your crafty mits on.



Fri 11 Nov

Put your stamp on Christmas: This festive season we're encouraging you to get crafty! Along with our partners Cass Art we have launched and received over 200 of your amazing #craftyxmas card designs - Our 4 winners won some BIG prizes! We will also be bejewelling baubles at the launch of The London Illustration Fair on Thursday 1 December in a truly glittertastic affair and we have FREE DELIVERY on our stocking fillers in our shop until 10 Dec!


The Big The Rijksmuseum for STEAM 2016

Thu 27 Oct

An exhibition of recently discovered animal drawings by Frans Post was the inspiration for The 2016 Big Draw at The Rijksmuseum, in Amsterdam.


Final Highlight Event: The Big Draw at Bletchley Park

Wed 26 Oct

2016's festival has been AMAZING. You've done some brilliant events, we've done some brilliant events..and whilst the fun doesn't have to stop here, this is our last of a series of highlights event for this year's festival. Come and see what'll go down at the remarkable estate of Bletchley Park this weekend....


Crafty Christmas

Tue 25 Oct

As the nights draw in and the days draw cold, it seems the drawing season has well and truly arrived! Brrr... It's time to sharpen your pencils, pull out your sketch books and get ready to celebrate a Crafty Christmas with Cass Art and The Big Draw!


The Big Draw Guest Blog: Hawkins\Brown Architect and School 21's Big Draw

Mon 24 Oct

This month Hawkins\Brown has been taking part in The Big Draw Festival with School 21 in Stratford. Here's what they got up to...


Cass Art Supports The Big Draw

Wed 19 Oct

We at The Big Draw is delighted to announce Cass Art as our new sponsors.


Big Draw guest blog from Portraits Untold

Wed 28 Sep

Today we have another wonderful guest blog from our fabulous new contributor Tanya Raabe-Webber. Here she talks about the importance of connecting with disabled artists via the live streams of her events.


Big Draw guest blog from Portraits Untold #STEAMSymposium

Wed 21 Sep

Fabulous artist and Big Draw ambassador Tanya Raabe-Webber shares with us some thoughts from her blog on the #STEAMSymposium at The Baltic Centre For Contemporary Art in Gateshead.


The Big Draw Talks To......Peter Haugh

Tue 13 Sep

We talked to artist, Peter Haugh, about the unusual path which lead to him becoming an artist...


GBBO ‘Designer Baker’ Frances Quinn to become newest Ambassador of The Big Draw

Wed 07 Sep

On Saturday 10 September, Designer Baker and previous GBBO winner, Frances Quinn, will be announced as an official ambassador of Britain’s pioneering arts education charity, The Big Draw, at a high profile STEAM event taking place at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead.


Introducing... Dr David Glowacki - Scientist, artist and cultural theorist!

Fri 02 Sep

On Saturday 10 September, Dr David Glowacki - Scientist, Artist and Cultural Theorist - will be taking centre stage at the STEAM Symposium: Laboratory of Visual Exploration at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art. Find out why we are so very excited that he will be joining us, and how you take part too...


The Big Draw Festival Awards 2016: Nijmegen

Thu 01 Sep

Anita Waltman from Nijmegen in the Netherlands, talks about participating in and winning this year's International Big Draw Award.


The Big Draw talks to.....Eileen Adams

Mon 29 Aug

We talked to author, educator, consultant and researcher, Eileen Adams, about her tireless work to keep drawing in it's numerous forms, firmly in collective contiousness and on our curriculum.


A Visual Learning Adventure for Educators

Wed 24 Aug

TODAY, on GCSE results day, arts education charity The Big Draw announces an event for Britain’s educators.


The Big Draw Festival Awards 2016: Sharp Lane Primary School, Leeds.

Tue 23 Aug

Meet Holly and Amelia-Jade, from Sharp Lane Primary. They want to tell you about their Big Draw.


The Big Draw Festival Awards 2016: The Drawing Circus and The Booth Museum of Natural History

Tue 16 Aug

Jake Spicer of Brighton's Drawing Circus and John Cooper from the town's Booth Museum of Natural History, talk turkey about their Big Draw event from last year's festival


The Big Draw's guide to....Registering for a Big Draw Festival Event: The basics

Mon 15 Aug

Want to organise an event as part of The Big Draw Festival 2017?! Jolly good show! Here's a basic How-to guide to get you started.


The Big Draw Festival Awards 2016: Oasis Cardiff

Wed 10 Aug

Oasis Cardiff's Mari and Huda talk about their Big Draw Festival event and the valuble work of the centre for refugee and asylum seekers in South Wales. 


The Big Draw Festival Awards 2016: NEATEN & The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

Tue 02 Aug

The ladies from NEATEN talk about their award-winning festival events and partnership with The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead.


The Big Draw Festival Awards 2016: Ben Jonson Primary School

Tue 26 Jul

Ben Jonson Primary loved The Big Draw Festival and want to tell you about their experience.


The Big Draw meets: Divercity Arts Project

Wed 20 Jul

The Big Draw meets.....Kai Lutterodt and artists at London College of Communication involved in Divercity Arts Project.


Portraits Untold Blog: Masterclass and Briefing – National Portrait Gallery

Wed 13 Jul

Masterclass and Briefing – National Portrait Gallery



Teen 'Wonder-Cartoonist' Zoom Rockman is The Big Draw's Youngest Ambassador

Fri 08 Jul

15-year old Londoner, Zoom Rockman, has been writing, drawing and publishing his own award-winning comic The Zoom! since he was 8; he started working for The Beano! when he was 12, and has a monthly comic strip featuring his character, ‘Skanky Pigeon' - inspired by all the local Pigeons in his home town.


Portraits Untold Blog: The Big Draw Festival Awards

Mon 04 Jul

The latest instalment from artist, Tanya Raabe- Webber, whose initiative 'Portraits Untold'  'celebrates the diversity of our common humanity through a series of live portrait sittings with high profile sitters in well known venues, will take place this summer and autumn across the country.'


Introducing John Ruskin Student Prize Winner: Robin Sukatorn

Fri 01 Jul

Introducing Robin Sukatorn and the picture which has got everyone talking about him.


The Big Draw Festival Awards 2016 North Yorkshire County Council Record Office

Wed 22 Jun

Why should you get involved in The Big Draw Festival?


Registration for 2016's Festival is open!

Thu 16 Jun

It's full STEAM ahead for 


The Big Draw Festival 2016 STEAM Logo Competition Winner

Tue 14 Jun

Today, we are delighted to announce our winner of The STEAM Powered Big Draw Logo Competition.


Announcing the Winners of The Big Draw Awards 2016!

Tue 24 May

The winners of the international Big Draw Awards 2016 have been announced! 



Sketching and Painting for Mindfulness

Wed 13 Apr

When life is tough, drawing helps you slow down and be mindful. Emma Kay tells us how drawing helps her with anxiety.


A Titanic Experience - The Big Draw in Belfast

Mon 25 Jan

There are few places as perfect to draw as Harland & Wolff, Belfast's iconic shipbuilding and offshore construction site. What better way to inspire the city than by showing how by drawing, imagination becomes reality. 


How Drawing Changed Children's Lives

Tue 08 Dec

Artist Stephen Waterhouse created an incredible drawing of the world from children's drawings. Kids who never thought they could draw came away 'buzzing'.


Drawing Goes Beyond Art

Wed 02 Dec

Big Draw patron Sir Roger Penrose shared his belief in the magic of drawing to communicate ideas. Roger uses drawing everyday to communicate Maths and Science.


The Big Draw at the Rijksmuseum

Wed 04 Nov

Until recently it was unusual to see people drawing as part of a visit to the Rijksmuseum, or other museums in the Dutch capital city of Amsterdam. During the Big Draw at the Rijksmuseum sketchbooks and pencils were distributed to up to 20,000 people, inviting them draw in the spaces and galleries throughout the museum and to experience art in a new way. 


Drawing The World (in the heart of London)

Thu 29 Oct

The Big Draw, University of the Arts London and House of Illustration brought thousands of people together to celebrate drawing and creativity.


Seeing Closer at the Royal Society

Tue 20 Oct

The Big Draw festival can be a beautifully simple way to communicate sciences to new audiences by utilising the links between science and art. The Royal Society recently hosted a Big Draw event for the second year running, but this time it was carefully themed on a 350 year old book and involved a much bigger programme of activities, involving many individuals and organisations working with the Royal Society.


Philip Pullman wants your questions

Fri 09 Oct

Ever wanted to ask Philip Pullman a question? On Oct 14 we've teamed up with BBC Get Creative so that you can.


Top science, media & architecture institutions support The Big Draw

Tue 15 Sep

This October, arts education charity The Big Draw, teams up with a record number of partners to create an extensive programme of free drawing events as part of its annual international festival, The Big Draw.


The World's First Printwitter!

Tue 15 Sep

What happens when traditional printing meets Twitter?


GreatArt Announced as Big Draw partner

Thu 10 Sep

The Big Draw is partnering with the largest art materials provider in the UK with big benefits for Big Draw organisers.


Philip Pullman & Chris Riddell launch The Big Draw 2015

Thu 06 Aug

On 19 September 2015, renowned author, Philip Pullman, and Children’s Laureate, Chris Riddell, will launch international drawing festival, The Big Draw 2015, at a free public event championing visual literacy and connecting nine venues across Oxford in an epic celebration of creativity.


Drawing the World with The Big Draw

Mon 03 Aug

Sunday 11 October, 11 – 4pm, Granary Square, King’s Cross, N1C. Free

On 11 October, the international Big Draw festival will take over the vibrant new King’s Cross development with ‘Drawing the World’, and people of all ages are invited to join in a free programme of urban exploration, collaborative drawing and creative activities.


Artists of the Year 2015: Call for entries now open

Tue 28 Jul

Submit your latest masterpiece for the chance to win £10,000 worth of prizes in Artists & Illustrators magazine’s annual competition.


An interview with Pintar Rapido Founder, Roger Beckett

Fri 10 Jul

Pintar Rapido, the UK's biggest outdoor painting festival, takes place on the streets of London, this weekend, followed by Glasgow and Amsterdam later in the summer.


Congratulations to The Whitworth - Museum of the Year 2015!

Sat 04 Jul

The Whitworth Art Gallery has been named Museum of the Year 2015 at a ceremony, which took place at Tate Modern, on Wednesday.



Tue 30 Jun

Calling all UK based amateur and professional artists! The John Ruskin Prize is returning for its third year. This time with a bigger winning prize fund, additional awards and exciting, new exhibition opportunities!


The Big Draw Awards 2015

Tue 02 Jun

The Big Draw hosted its 16th annual awards ceremony in the prestigious Painters' Hall to highlight and celebrate the significance of drawing in the world


Why Drawing is Worth a Thousand Words

Wed 27 May

Drawing has proved, since the time that man became self aware, to be one of the most powerful communicative, and conceptual development tools we have.


Art is an Election Issue

Wed 06 May

In partnership with our colleagues at NSEAD we have commissioned a film of our patron Bob and Roberta Smith talking about why we should teach art in schools. Bob and Roberta Smith is currently standing against Michael Gove MP in Surrey Heath as part of the General Election 2015.


Andrew Marr Reveals The Big Draw 2015 Theme

Thu 23 Apr

Today, the theme for The Big Draw 2015 – Every Drawing Tells a Story – was revealed in an exclusive film by high-profile drawing advocate and long-standing Campaign for Drawing Patron, Andrew Marr, as registration opens for this year’s Big Draw festival.


How Drawing is Bringing Art And Science Together

Thu 16 Apr

At the Cornwall Morphology and Drawing Centre, drawing is an invaluable tool in the scientific study of forms in the natural world.


What is the Real Value of Art Education?

Wed 25 Mar

Paula Briggs, Director of Access Art on why visual arts education is essential. 

"We (you) understand the intrinsic value of art education. We trust it, celebrate it and push for it. And it all begins with a spark between eye, brain and hand... a piece of cardboard being manipulated… a mark on a piece of paper… a small idea "not talked out of existence..."


Vietnam’s first Big Draw

Tue 10 Mar

The first ever Big Draw in Vietnam raised money for local communities and charities. All through the sale of artwork by students at the British International School in Hanoi.


A drawing encounter on the District line

Wed 04 Mar

Every so often, most people question what they do and if we are very lucky why we care so much about what we do.  Occassionally it takes a chance encounter with strangers to point out what we already know to be true.


The Great Ormond Street Big Draw

Mon 16 Feb

The Big Draw took over Great Ormond Street Hospital. With amazing results!


Recording Britain Now prize-winning piece purchased by Millenium Dome Architect

Thu 27 Nov

Architect Mike Davies of Millennium Dome and Pompidou fame – among many other things* - is a man whose long list of accolades put him at the forefront of groundbreaking design. We are thrilled to announce that at our event, last night, he selected the winning drawing from our Recording Britain Now exhibition to adorn his studio.


Drawing from nature with children in Amsterdam

Tue 11 Nov

Over 80 young children took part in a week of activities at Robbeburg International Playgroup in Amsterdam.


The Big Draw at The Natural History Museum

Tue 11 Nov

A Big Draw workhop at The Natural History Museum explored the different shapes inherent in nature through isomorphology.


Recording Britain Now Artist Interview: Mandy Payne

Fri 07 Nov

The Campaign for Drawing in collaboration with the Guild of St. George is delighted to bring an exhibition of drawings, paintings, prints and textiles by 23 artists shortlisted for the second John Ruskin Prize to Trinity Buoy Wharf.  Ahead of the exhibition, The Campaign for Drawing’s Rachel Price catches up with shortlisted artist Mandy Payne to get under the skin of a series of powerful works the artist presents for the exhibition.


The Big Draw at The Royal Society

Mon 27 Oct

The Royal Society's Big Draw demonstrated the connection between art and science. 


Leave Your Mark in Amsterdamse Bos

Fri 10 Oct

One of Amsterdam’s most beautiful green spaces will be the setting for The Big Draw this October, with an outdoor event designed to encourage visitors to enjoy creating art in the open.


The Big Draw Rijksmuseum - "Life is too beautiful not to draw"

Tue 07 Oct

Since its acclaimed re-opening, the Rijksmuseum has been at the forefront of shaping new approaches to the way we engage with art. This weekend, the leading national museum of the Netherlands is hosting The Big Draw Rijksmuseum and inviting everyone to take part.


The Big Draw 2014 launch

Tue 30 Sep

Parents and children gathered in great numbers to take part in the launch of The Big Draw at The V&A Museum of Childhood.


Our Hut and The Big Draw

Mon 08 Sep

Our Hut answers some questions about its involvement in The Campaign for Drawing's annual Big Draw.


Google Doodles

Fri 05 Sep

All 2000 Google Doodles since Google began. Google's team of illustrators produce possibly the most viewed drawings in the modern world.


Sharing in the Success of Pintar Rapido

Wed 03 Sep

Pintar Rapido is travelling to Amsterdam this weekend, but before setting off, the team has shared some of its London success with The Campaign for Drawing.


Why I love The Big Draw

Mon 02 Jun

The way I feel about the Big Draw is sort of the way I felt about The New Kids on The Block circa 1989.  Well, minus the school-girl crushes. 


Digital Drawing at Tate Modern

Tue 13 May

At the Tate Modern you can make a creative response to your visit on a digital sketch pad, then see your drawing immediately projected on the wall.