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Karen Colville with Fife College & Dundee University
Part of Professional Doctorate Thesis Fife College
Mon 08 Jan 10.00-12.00
An experimentation of 'drawing' College users together to express the emotional journeys of education. Drawing Connections – mapping the interconnections of the creative journey of college learners.

I am fascinated by the lines and connected pathways that are created within community and post-secondary Further Educational (FE) environments, the learning through experiences, taught skills and , the choices we make creating our own learning journey. Can the use of ‘drawing’ help the voices of College users be heard to explore the individuality of the educational experience. Can drawing help tell the story of the College users from unique perspectives that text is unable too? The ways in which we develop personal journeys through various stages in our lives is intriguing,

I query if the act of drawing has connections with educational cultures through the hierarchy of the skillset involved: a doodle can be seen as a quick sketch to transfer an idea, but a technical drawing shows in-depth knowledge and detail, similar to education where learners are informed through static methodology to allow rapid accepting of knowledge, however deeper understanding comes with time, analysis and reflection. This cyclical nature of drawing keeps the experience rooted in the present, as it necessitates a constant reassessment of the whole (Blue, 2020), showing that drawing involves a personalised level of understanding. Each individual’s journey is unique, like any drawing, and can be interpreted and reflected upon as a tool to share and express emotion and uniqueness. Many researchers have proven that we express our emotions and sentiments and concentration of thoughts through drawing (Rostron, 2019) or use drawing to think and explore ideas, but importantly to test the relationship between components (Tollady, 2022). Therefore, drawing has been proven to be a valuable resource for gathering deeper information about an individual (Cetin, 2021).

 I seek to explore drawing as a tool of communication of the learning journey through the creation of a series of creative explorative workshops that are designed to allow participants to express emotion, thought and interest through using a form of drawing, but also to allow college users to interact in ways that a written thesis would not allow. Unlike a book that will sit hidden on a shelf hidden from the viewer, I would like to create moments of shared connectivity where all learners, staff and stakeholders can feel part of the College community and gain new experiences along the way…adding to their educational journey.

Through using existing space, both interior and exterior, area and the outputs of the workshops, to create a number of installation/exhibitions  spaces that allow moments of contemplation, like a piece of art to be appreciated, pondered and to raise further questions.
  • How can the educational journey of Further Education (FE) college users be explored through ‘drawing’ connections?    
  • Can a shared visual experience support the voices of College learners to be heard, appreciated and valued and build a sense of belonging?    
  • Can drawing help transform the ‘learner’ relationship with educational spaces and journeys?     
  • What are the educational benefits to learners in using visually collaborative experiences?   

Making the connections

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Mrs Karen Colville

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