Il Disegno Tattile. Vivi un'esperienza insolita con 24H Drawing Lab!
24H Drawing Lab
Archivio Menna Binga
Sun 06 Oct 4pm
An unusual approach to drawing: tactile drawing. Drawing has always been connected to observation as a tool to understand reality. But, closing our eyes, we can link our experience of drawing to other senses by opening ourselves to new expressive possibilities disconnected by our level of preparation, or by inhibitions and anxiety. 24H Drawing Lab and the Menna Binga Archive in Rome this year open the doors creativity with an experience of experimental drawing to offer participants the realization of a tactile self-portrait, an exercise that helps to establish a connection between feeling and communicating, turning tactile information into visual. The aim is self-investigation through a new tool that excludes the mirror, and at the same time the risk of a symbolic representation - and as such prejudicial - of ourselves. In this sense, a journey in drawing is promoted as an experience in itself, and it's released by representation.

This event is a result of a long trained experience in teaching by Sara and Rivka Spizzichino, Co-Founder and drawing teacher at 24H Drawing Lab, winner organisation of The Big Draw 2018 - Play! - People's Choice Award.