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Artist Intervention Week: katie Schwab

Art @ UHArts, Art and Design Gallery • 1 Oct to 03 Oct

Join artist Katie Schwab as she experiments with new ideas, turning the Gallery into an open studio.
The Big Draw


Art @ UHArts, Art and Design Gallery • 17 Oct, 19 Oct, 21 Oct, 26 Oct, 28 Oct, 02 Nov, 4 Nov, 09 Nov, 11 Nov, 16 Nov, 18 Nov, 19 Nov, 21 Nov, 23 Nov, 25 Nov, 30 Nov, 2 Dec, 07 Dec, 9 Dec, 14 Dec, 16 Dec to 20 Dec

Line/Extended brings together five artists whose work explores the potential of the drawn line and the expanded field of drawing. The exhibition investigates a more interrogative approach to drawing...
The Big Draw

Line/Extended Panel Discussion

Art @ UHArts, Art and Design Gallery • 28 Nov

Drawing on expertise from across disciplines, we invite the artists from Line/Extended and guest speakers to discuss drawing practice in its broadest forms. Following on from last year's popular...
The Big Draw

Spatial drawing workshop with artist Andrea V Wright

Art @ UHArts, Art and Design Gallery • 31 Oct

Invites participants to create spatial drawings using thread, tape and props