The Big Draw 2015 theme

Patron Andrew Marr announces The Big Draw 2015 theme by drawing Henri Matisse, who Andrew says 'is a part of my story'. 

There's a reason why 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' A drawing can communicate an idea instantly.

As Andrew Marr says drawing  'educates your visual sense'. By focusing on the colours and shapes around you, you greater understand and appreciate the visual world.

Drawing is a unique language. Have you ever wanted to turn an idea into reality? Architects, designers, artists, engineers and scientists use drawing to change the world daily.

Everyone is invited to join the world's biggest drawing festival. Draw, doodle, sketch, paint or just make marks with meaning, as we celebrate the importance of drawing and of visual literacy.

The Big Draw 2015 will take place 1 - 31 October.

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Anyone can arrange a Big Draw
. Whether you're an individual or a national museum, you can add your activity to over 1800 events by 1000 other organisers in 26 countries. Tell your story and join the world's biggest drawing festival!

Looking for that spark of inspiration for The Big Draw 2015 theme, Every Drawing Tells A Story? Check out our mini magazine below.

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