The Big Draw x Forest of Imagination

A Climate of Change

The Big Draw and Forest of Imagination join forces

Forest of Imagination and The Big Draw join forces during the pandemic to shine a light on the importance of nature and creativity in our wellbeing.

Harnessing the power of their collective message, and to promote the importance of creativity and collaboration; Forest of Imagination will work alongside The Big Draw, supporting a shared vision in response to the climate emergency, endorsing the positive viewpoint that ‘A Climate of Change’ is essential using creativity as a tool for change.

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Working Together 

The two arts organisations will reach out to work with artists and organisations, encouraging them to respond to the climate crisis, through at-home re-invention, making, drawing, singing, writing and many other forms of expression. To further distribute their message of ‘A Climate of Change’ by building a radical and creative response together.

Local and international artists will bring a collection of videos, interviews, news and blog posts to support the importance of creativity, drawing and making to a broader audience. These will be shared on our mutual social media platforms and right here on our website.

The Big Draw - a climate of change

Articles & Interviews

21.05.20 - The Healing Power of Nature 

Jessica Palmer, Week 1 - Creativity and Wellbeing

Jo Backhouse, Week 2 - WryWords Workshop

Clare Day, Week 3 - Gifted Forest 

Matthew Lecce, Week 4 - Virtual Vines

Helen Lawrence, Week 5 - Edible Forest

Alison Harper, Week 6Enchanted Forest

Perry Harris, Week 7 - Virtual Forest

Featured Artists

Week 1 - Jessica Palmer @JessCutitout / @jessicapalmer_studio

Week 2 - Jo Backhouse @wrywords 

Week 3 - Clare Day @claredayceramic / @claredayceramics

Week 4 – Matthew Leece @MattLeece

Week 5 – Helen Lawrence @demuths

Week 6 – Alison Harper @Aliceundo

Week 7 – Perry Harris @Uhperry

Want to see our latest videos?

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Rocks Roots Rhythm  - A film made by Denise Rowe for Forest of Imagination to link with their project Trees of Hope in Zimbabwe.

Get involved!

The Big Draw and House of Imagination, the creative charity behind the Forest of Imagination are working in partnership with Grant Associates and a whole host of creative partners. We all share many of the same goals including championing wellbeing through creativity and nature. 

Visit the Forest of Imagination website to learn more.