The Big Green Draw: A Climate of Change 2020

In 2020 The Big Green Draw Festival #ClimateOfChange focuses on the relationship between people and our living environments and ecosystems; highlighting how we live today and the ways in which we do and do not harmonise with nature. The Big Green Draw is eager to help showcase mindsets and actions that proactively support positive symbiosis between people and the Earth. So this is a great year to bring your community together, draw, explore, get out and about, kick start a new creative you and be part of The World's Biggest community of drawing enthusiasts!

Take a look at our Endangered animals page to learn about some of the beautiful, endangered creatures created by Vicky Philips, Lightship Printshop, for this year's Festival theme. If you're feeling creative, why not grab a pencil & some paper and draw them? Upload to social media using the hashtags #BigGreenDraw #ClimateofChange!

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A message from The Big Draw Director, Kate Mason on The Big Green Draw Festival Theme: A Climate of Change:

"2020 marks the 20th anniversary of The Big Draw and the campaign which shines a light on the need for drawing – making a mark with meaning – and its role as a tool for expression, creativity, learning and sharing ideas. Drawing – in all its forms, helps us make sense of a rapidly changing world around us. It is a global language which cuts across all barriers of culture, race and identity.
In this special anniversary year, it is apt that we, alongside many other voices, also lend our own voice to help increase awareness and understanding of the emergency situation unfolding across all ecosystems. This universal language of drawing is the perfect narrator helping to document, report and share thinking around the seismic shifts taking place in our society. Everywhere are visual manifestations of positive activism from people wanting to help make change.
We hope this year’s festival will help support all those change-makers – all those interested in advocating for the positive and healthy impact on accessing outdoor green spaces and working ‘collaboratively’ alongside nature. We hope this theme will draw attention to the pioneers and innovators adopting new more sustainable materials and working practises – as well as more holistic ways of living in our cities and urban environments. 
We have some inspirational patrons, ambassadors and advocates who will join with you - The Big Green Draw Festival Co-Creators to demonstrate the vital message of #ClimateOfChange in every corner of the globe. 
Thank you and we can't wait to see how this year's theme will inspire Big Green Draw Festival event organisers all over the world. We hope you will join us!"

Kate Mason

Director, The Big Draw 

We take this opportunity, as we announce The Big Green Draw Festival 2020 theme: A Climate of Change to to share some words from our friends and supporters:


Corinne Pluchino - CEO - Campaign for National Parks 

 “It is fantastic to join the Big Draw for the 2020 festival. It is crucially important to our present livelihoods and our future wellbeing that we strive to better connect with nature. Art and nature are universal languages. It was the Romantic poets and artists that inspired generations of National Park campaigners and so, after more than 80 years of fighting for the National Parks, it is only right that we join with the Big Draw to encourage everyone to seek their inspiration in the great outdoors. 

 I would encourage you all to get outside. Go get mud on your boots. Then turn what you see into something you can share, a drawing, a painting or any piece of art that better connects us with the natural world in our busy and hectic modern lives.”


Katie Dominy, Co-Founder & Co-President Arts Thread 

Online platform Arts Thread is proud to be partnering with The Big Green Draw 2020. The theme of A Climate of Change is one we know our members - emerging artists and designers, students and educational professionals - will be super keen to be involved with and we encourage them all to take part in The Big Green Draw 2020.” 

Rachel Dickinson, Master of the Guild of St George
“The Big GREEN Draw! I am very excited the Guild of St George is partnering with the Big Draw to support this ‘climate of change’ initiative – a fantastic follow-on from the John Ruskin Prize for Art 2019 theme ‘Agent of Change’.  

In a lifetime observing and drawing the skies, our founder, Victorian polymath John Ruskin, documented the darkening caused by pollution. He saw the destructive effects of rampant industrialisation and an emerging throwaway culture on nature and humanity. He cried out for a revolution against pollution and the destruction of industrialisation. 

In his own life, he recognised the positive effects of drawing and access to nature on mental health.  His writings encourage us to draw so we can really see and appreciate nature and ourselves; to craft so we can experience the joy of the hand-made; to get outside and experience the revitalising effects of nature… and respond to it by celebrating and making. 

It has been 201 years since Ruskin was born and his revolutionary message is still current.  Looking for an antidote to the darkness? Join The Big GREEN Draw Festival!”

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