blkmoodyboi: Blind Faith

A Visual Anthology of Black and Brown Trans stories in the UK 

Blind Faith is an illustrated anthology series featuring the stories of six Trans people of colour in the UK. This anthology will serve as an archive that platforms the voices of people of colour with a trans experience, their stories, thoughts and lives. Each story will tackle a range of topics from the perspective of trans people of colour, ranging from what it means to be visible, to gender affirming surgery in the UK. Each piece will be written, designed and illustrated by trans people of colour. 

Currently, in the UK there are no comic book style anthologies that exclusively archive and document the lives and legacies of trans  people of colour.

‘Blind Faith: Visual Anthology of Black and Brown Trans stories in the UK’, therefore aims to continue to make space for trans people of colour, through visual storytelling and in alignment with the archival work of artists like Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley. 

The anthology will also serve as a reference point for Trans people of colour to access different trans resources, like trans centred organisations, collectives and initiatives in the UK.


blkmoodyboi is a Non-binary trans self-taught illustrator that centers Black and Brown trans people in their art. Inspired by comics, anime, friends, and community, blkmoodyboi crafts their own unique style. Through their work, they aim to showcase love, tenderness, and softness as a form of radical resistance against white cis-het patriarchal capitalism. 

Their art aims to bring joy to QTIBIPOC, to celebrate them and archive them. Sharing body-positive representations and aligning their imaginings with the natural world, their work forms space to aid mental wellbeing and to remind us to be good to ourselves and others, to nourish one's self and community, and that trans Black and Brown people have always been here.

About The Big Draw Digital Residencies 2021

In April 2021, The Big Draw announced its first ever digital residencies. We invited all UK-based artists to submit a proposal that responded to the 2021 Big Draw Festival theme, Make the Change

Proposals could use both physical and digital tools and mediums, could have a point of real-world engagement, and could take place across a whole month or a more intensive week; we deliberately chose to leave the brief as flexible and open to interpretation as possible.

blkmoodyboi's proposal, Blind Faith, was one of the four selected for our digital residencies!

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