Payment Options

If you are unable to pay your membership fee by credit/debit card or by PayPal, there are other ways to pay.  Please read on for the procedure if you choose to pay offline.

1.  Please select the subscription fee category that your Organisation is covered by.  This category is determined by the size, type and resources of your organisation. If you are unsure which category your organisation please get in touch via the links below and we'd be happy to guide you.

  • £0 - Individual Organisers fee has been waived for the second year in a row. Find out more here.
  • £40 - Early Bird Subscription for Schools offer expires 31/05/23
  • £50   -  Non fee based schools (including pre-schools and academies) and individual artists or organisers.
  • £75   - Small grassroots startups or community projects, generally with no funding.
  • £150 - Small organisations (including fee based paying schools). 
  • Sponsor-Partner Packages:

  • £400 - Medium organisations
  • £700 - Large organisations 
  • £1000 - City Wide events

For frequently asked questions about these membership fees and fee categories, please see here.

2.  Contact  or to request an invoice for your membership fee.  When doing so, please include the following information.

  • Contact name, email and telephone number
  • Full name and address of your Organisation
  • The fee category you have chosen from the list above

3.  We'll be in touch shortly with an invoice and further instructions!